Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (March 5, 2016)


Armenian Proverb

When the donkey wishes to spite its master, it dies.


From the Greek Anthology

Asclepiades, the miser, in his house
Espied one day, to his surprise, a mouse.
“Tell me, dear mouse,” he cried, “to what cause is it
I owe this pleasant but unlooked-for visit?”
The mouse said, smiling, “Fear not for your hoard;
I come, my friend, to lodge, and not to board.”



Passion: A feeling you get when you feel a feeling you’ve never felt before.


Arabian Riddle

The loftiest cedars I can eat,
Yet neither paunch nor mouth have I;
I storm whene’er you give me meat,
Whene’er you give me drink, I die.

Answer: Fire


Corny Pun Corner

St. Peter: How did you get here?
Latest Arrival: Flu!


What’s in a Name?

Dingilian: Turkish in derivation, identified as a trade, dingil is defined as an axle or tongue of a horse-drawn carriage, and thus a maker/repairer of such.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (March 5, 2016)

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