Varant Melkonian to Receive ‘Exemplary Member’ Award at Homenetmen L.A.’s 50th Anniversary Gala

Homenetmen Los Angeles 50th Anniversary ‘Exemplary Member’ Recipient,  Varant Melkonian

Homenetmen Los Angeles 50th Anniversary ‘Exemplary Member’ Recipient, Varant Melkonian

LITTLE ARMENIA—The Homenetmen Los Angeles Chapter has announced that longtime member, philanthropist and dedicated community activist Varant Melkonian will be honored with the chapter’s “Exemplary Member” Award. This exclusive award will be presented to Melkonian at the Homenetmen Los Angeles Chapter’s 50th Anniversary Gala Banquet, which will be held at the iconic CBS Studio Center in Studio City on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

At a young age, Varant Melkonian joined Homenetmen where he spent much of his free time. He received his elementary education at a Catholic school and his secondary education at the local state school. In 12th grade, he took the baccalaureate exam, ranking at the top of his school and second in all of Iraq. He attended the University of Technology of Baghdad for one and a half years studying in the Mechanical Engineering division, than relocated to the United States in 1977.

In 1979, Melkonian joined the Homenetmen Los Angeles Chapter and participated in its social committee. Melkonian also served in the chapter’s Executive Committee, as well as, on several Regional Committees. Since that time, he has supported not only the local chapters, but also established a permanent presence within the organization and the community and brought firm backing to various regional-level activities. Melkonian considers it imperative for himself to lend his support to the community and believes that it should be the purpose of every philanthropist to help improve the welfare of people.

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1985 Homenetmen LA Executive Body – Varant Melkonian, standing second from right
Varant Melkonian (standing) at a Social Committee Camping Trip
Varant Melkonian, left, at a Social Committee Picnic
1985 Homenetmen LA Executive Body Member Varant Melkonian
Varant Melkonian (front row, left) with Social Committee in 1984 before an outing

“By teaching the importance of community building while simultaneously focusing on the value of self-improvement, Homenetmen empowers its members with key lessons that can used in all aspects of life,” stated Melkonian. “The lessons I learned and skills I developed through my involvement with the Los Angeles Homenetmen Chapter laid the foundation of a personal and professional life I have been very proud of,” Melkonian reflected.

“We are very pleased to announce that Yeghpayr Varant Melkonian is the recipient of our chapter’s “Exemplary Member” Award, stated Homenetmen Los Angeles Chapter Executive Chairperson Onnig Berberian. “Yeghpayr Melkonian fully embodies Homenetmen’s motto of ‘elevate yourself and others with you.’ His lifelong dedication to the Armenian community, combined with his generous philanthropic work, make him the ideal Homenetmen member.”

Varant met and married his wife Hoori Melkonian in 1989 and started a family soon after. They have three children: Arman, Arlene, and Aren.

A successful entrepreneur, Melkonian is the Chairman and CEO of Home Organizers, Inc. – which owns and operates nine different companies in four industries, including its wholly owned subsidiaries Closet World, Closets by Design, Closet Dimensions, Garage Envy, Blinds World and Closets by Design is a national franchise network that serves 46 markets with manufacturing facilities throughout the USA and in Canada.

As Benefactors and major community supporters Varant and Hoori Melkonian continually and consistently support hundreds of organizations and projects. They don’t support a cause just because; they support events and activities that positively impacts communities. They often go beyond any reasonable expectation of a community supporter or benefactor.

What makes the Melkonians unique as a philanthropist, is that when it comes to their philanthropic efforts when they see a good project, a cause or an organization that needs support they step up, engage and support not just financial but by putting their good name behind it, by reaching out to their huge circle and inspiring them to participate and encourage them support. These types of efforts are not measured by a number listed in a program book, they are not promoted in articles, they are simply done behind the scenes all in the spirit of building a better life for those we as a community call family.

Blessed with success, the Melkonians don’t take that for granted. Through their philanthropy throughout the past 20 years they have touched millions of lives, positively impacting thousands of projects and activities.

Honored with over 50 awards, commendations and recognitions, Melkonian while staying true to his roots and who he is has remained humble while receiving a countless number of recognitions, awards and commendations for their service from community leaders, public officials, organizations, community, educational and business institutions and heads of states.

In 2005, Melkonian was bestowed with the very prestigious “Knight of Cilicia” medal from His Holiness Catholicos Aram the first of the great house of Cilicia. In 2006, Melkonian was honored as Man of the Year by the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. In 2010, he was honored by the Armenian Cultural Foundation for his ongoing support and contributions. In addition, he has also received awards and commendations from the State of California, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, California State Assembly, California State Board of Equalization, California Department of Insurance, Los Angeles County Sheriffs and the Cities of Los Angeles. In 2015, the couple served as the Honorary Presidents of Homenetmen’s 40th Navasartian Games.

The 50th Anniversary Gala Banquet will be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Please contact (833) 968-1968 or for complete event information, including ticket purchasing and sponsorship opportunities.

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