Yerevan Zoo Opens after Renovations

Armenia’s President Serzh Sarkisian visits the Yerevan Zoo with his grandson upon the zoo’s reopening following renovations.
YEREVAN—The Yerevan Zoo reopened over the weekend after closing down for major renovations. President Serzh Sarkisian, together with his grandchildren, visited the Yerevan Zoo to take part in its reopening ceremony.
Accompanied by Yerevan Mayor Taron Margarian, the Armenian president toured the zoo, familiarized himself with the works aimed at the improvement and development of the municipal zoo and the conditions of the newly-built aid station saturated with modern technologies.
The renovation increased the total size of animal habitats to 40 acres from 17 acres.
The renovation team highlighted the zoo’s new energy-saving lighting system that can also serve for entertainment or practical purposes. All of the roads and alleyways of the zoo have also been renovated. New drinking fountains have been installed and a 7000 squared meter piece of land has been landscaped into a botanical garden.

Source: Daily
Link: Yerevan Zoo Opens after Renovations

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