8 Suspects Detained in Attack on Elderly Armenian Couple in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—Eight suspects were apprehended in the case of a home invasion that targeted an elderly Armenian couple in Istanbul’s Shishli district on Feb. 6. Seta Demirci, 79, and her husband Hagop Demirci, 85, were found in their apartment bound with ropes and gagged. Hagop Demirci was pronounced dead by strangulation. According to Turkish media sources, the suspects—five of whom are women—are citizens of Armenia. The arrests were made in Trabzon.

Seta Demirci (iha.com.tr)

The motive is said to have been robbery. The victims were reportedly robbed of their valuable possessions, including around 100,000 Turkish liras ($34,000 U.S. dollars). A watch belonging to Hagop Demirci and $10,000 U.S. dollars were reportedly found in the possession of the suspects, according to Agos.

The suspects, who have since been transported to Istanbul, were identified as Arthur A., Aram E., Sergey P., Marianna E., Lida P., Narkiz P., Armine M., and Kristina M. It is being reported that one of the suspects was employed by the victims.

According to reports, the police investigation yielded security video footage from the area, which led to the arrests. The suspects were allegedly planning to cross into Georgia with fake identification documents. Five others have also been apprehended for having aided the suspects in renting vehicles and assisting them in their escape plans.

Initial reports noted that the victims were tied with hogtie, which gave rise to speculation that the attack was a hate crime.

Seta Demirci was reportedly released from hospital on Feb. 7.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: 8 Suspects Detained in Attack on Elderly Armenian Couple in Istanbul

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