Rustamyan: ARF Likely to Be Assigned 3 Ministries, 2 Governor Posts 

ARF Bureau member Armen Rustamyan during his Feb. 10 interview with Armenian Public Television (Photo: Armenian Public TV)

YEREVAN (A.W.)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) will likely be assigned three ministerial posts as well as two governor positions, said ARF Bureau member Armen Rustamyan in an interview with Armenian Public Television on Feb. 10. Though a final agreement has not been signed, Rustamyan said that the ARF will most likely take charge of the ministries of territorial administration, education, and economy, as well as the gubernatorial offices of the provinces of Shirak and Aragatsotn.

In an article entitled “Who are the ARF’s most Likely Minister Candidates?” Armenia’s discussed the names of the possible ministers: Levon Mkrtchyan, Davit Lokyan, and Artsvik Minasyan.

Levon Mkrtchyan

Former ARF Bureau member Levon Mkrtchyan served as Armenia’s Minister of Education and Science from 1998-1999. He has served as advisor to the Prime Minister of Armenia (1999-2000), and was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2000. From 2001-2003, he served again as the Minister of Education and Science.  Former ARF Bureau member Davit Lokyan has previously served as both Minister of Urban Development (2001-2003) and Minister of Agriculture of Armenia (2003-2008). Artsvik Minsayan is a member of the ARF faction of the National Assembly of Armenia and has served on several budget and finance committees in Armenia’s Parliament.

Davit Lokyan (Photo:

On Feb. 10, President Serge Sarkisian chaired a meeting of the Republican Party of Armenia’s (RPA) executive body, during which, according to deputy speaker of the National Assembly Eduard Sharmazanov, a number of domestic and foreign policy issues were discussed, including the government’s cooperation with the ARF. “The RPA has a tentative agreement with the ARF on working together in the government system in the future. We will talk about a final agreement before the end of the week,” Sharmazanov said to reporters.

According to Armenia’s, Sarkisian has called a meeting of Armenia’s ministers, governors, and other high ranking officials at the Presidential Palace on Feb. 12, likely to formally announce the details of the government’s cooperation with the ARF.

Artsvik Minsayan (Photo:

“Our primary concern is bringing to life the constitution, and this is only the natural next step,” Rustamyan said, explaining that working with the authorities and taking part in government is the only way to ensure that the new constitution is implemented properly. “We [The ARF] have been pursuing the issue [of a Parliamentary system of government] for 25 years now, and worked with the committee responsible for the new constitution for two years; when there was no talk of including a Parliamentary system in the new constitution,” he explained.

Armenia’s National Assembly approved the proposed package of constitutional reforms, which called for a shift from a semi-presidential to a parliamentary form of government, on Oct. 5, 2015. The ARF has supported and promoted a parliamentary system of government in Armenia since its independence. Under the new system, Armenia would work with a 101-seat parliament with a 5-year term elected entirely by proportional representation.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Rustamyan: ARF Likely to Be Assigned 3 Ministries, 2 Governor Posts 

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