Dear Friend,


Azerbaijan is at Artsakh’s throat.


Cutting off food, water, medicine and fuel.

Starving infants, malnourishing expectant mothers.


Eight straight months of this cruel and brutal blockade.


And yet our own American government – spending our U.S. tax dollars – continues aiding and abetting the very Azerbaijani military that’s strangling Artsakh, occupying Armenia, ethnically cleansing Armenians.


That’s over $164,000,000 million in U.S. military aid to oil-rich Baku, but not a single dollar for USAID humanitarian programs in Artsakh. In fact, USAID – after 220 days of blockade – refuses to call Artsakh a crisis!


Sadly, President Biden stands on the wrong side of Artsakh – just as past administrations stood on the wrong side of the Armenian Genocide.


It’s our job to set America right. We’ve done it before, we must do it again. Right now. Every day, every hour counts. Lives are at stake.


With your help, we can leverage the U.S. government to break the blockade, stop the ethnic cleansing of our ancient homeland – preventing the loss, averting the surrender, of yet more of our sacred soil.


What we need is your renewed help in mobilizing our community, coalition partners, and Congressional allies to fight the lie that Artsakh can survive under Azerbaijan.


Let’s face facts: Forcing Artsakh into genocidal Azerbaijan is a death sentence, a ransom of Armenian blood paid for in Azerbaijani oil.


Armenian land must never be traded for false promises of peace.


Artsakh must remain Armenian, safe, and free. This sacred land – this early cradle of Armenian civilization – is the key to our short-term survival and the requirement of our long-term viability.


So, please give generously, providing the ANCA with resources to:

– Stop U.S. military aid to oil-rich Azerbaijan

– Send American humanitarian assistance to Artsakh

– Hold Aliyev and Erdogan accountable for their war crimes

– Break Turkey’s denials and secure justice for the Genocide

Your faith, friendship, and financial support drive progress on each of these fronts, and fuel the expansion of our growing array of youth programs that inspire and empower our next generation of leaders.


So today – with the stakes higher than ever – I am turning to you to give from your heart because Artsakh’s survival truly depends on it.



PS – We’ve launched a global campaign calling on Disney+ to cancel its TV series glorifying genocidal Turkish dictator Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Your generosity empowers our advocacy, inspires our work, and sustains our momentum.