Advancing pro-Armenian policy priorities together

Dear Friend,

Amid a global pandemic – with the world distracted and countries consumed with this crisis – Turkey and Azerbaijan are doubling down on their anti-Armenian agendas.

They’ve done it before.

Sadly – but not surprisingly – they’re doing it again.

They haven’t changed.

But we have.

Today, we are stronger. More resilient. Ready.

Thanks to you.

Your steady financial support over the years has built the ANCA into a robust, crisis-resistant force, on alert 24/7.

Even in these tough times – we’re advancing our policy priorities and – most urgently – counter-punching against attacks.

That’s because were much more than an organization – we’re a movement.

Diverse voices united around shared devotions to our homeland and heritage.

We are – as I’ve said many times – a second army of the Armenian nation, leveraging our community’s voting power, coalition partnerships, and bipartisan Congressional relationships.

That’s absolutely essential, because – for Aliyev and Erdogan – a pandemic’s no reason to relent, but rather a chance to attack.

We’ve seen that in Aliyev’s attacks across the line-of-contact – risking a regional war during a global health emergency. Just this week he launched a new round of mortar attacks on Artsakh.

Here in Washington, we’re fighting back against Aliyev’s attempts to use this crisis to kill U.S. humanitarian aid to Artsakh – cutting off funding for life-saving de-mining work.

Mark my words – the cost of Aliyev’s heartless assault will be paid in the lives and limbs of Artsakh villagers – farmers, families, and children – unless we can convince Congress to save Artsakh aid and fully fund USAID’s landmine removal program.

For his part, Erdogan took advantage of this pandemic to once again block White House recognition of the Armenian Genocide, even as he continues to crush domestic dissent and press his regional aggression.

The world is seeing the true face of Turkey and Azerbaijan in this crisis.

And we are seeing, in our own communities, the very best of both our Armenian and American traditions.

In big cities and small towns across America, our regional offices and local chapters are educating Armenian Americans about staying safe, helping at-risk Armenian families, and providing millions of meals to hungry neighbors as a way to say Thank You America.

And, of course, we remain actively engaged with the U.S. government to secure additional support for Armenia, welcoming the first two packages of U.S. aid to help Armenia with laboratory systems, data collection, technical assistance, and risk communication – and pressing for $25 million in reprogrammed aid to help Armenia deal with COVID-19.

In helping Armenia through this crisis – and across ANCA’s 360 degree advocacy agenda, we see major challenges, but also meaningful opportunities.

But the world isn’t waiting for this crisis to end. And neither can we.

That’s why I am turning to you – once again, during these trying times, for your financial support.

If you can give, please donate what you can. If you can’t right now, please know that we understand.

If you like, honor a relative or friend who has helped during this emergency, give in memory of a loved one, or simple contribute as an investment in our collective future.

You can donate today to empower the advocacy of the ANCA (not tax-deductible) or the educational work of the ANCA Endowment Fund (tax-deductible). The choice is yours.

Most importantly of all, please stay safe.



Aram Hamparian

Executive Director

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