ANCA Rapid Responder Letter: Ask President Biden Stop Forcing Democratic Artsakh into Genocidal Azerbaijan

Dear President Biden:

I am writing to voice my severe disappointment in your Administration’s attempts to force democratic Artsakh – home to over 120,000 indigenous Christian Armenians – into genocidal Azerbaijan, a certain death sentence for the men, women, and children of this integral part of the Armenia.

The Biden-Harris Administration has failed the Armenian nation, actively aiding and materially abetting Azerbaijan while abandoning Artsakh and forsaking Armenia, a blockaded, land-locked genocide survivor state facing relentless attacks, cruel blockades, and escalating belligerence by both U.S.-armed Azerbaijan and U.S.-allied Turkey. Your record – outlined below – is in urgent need of a major course correction:

— Arming and abetting the Azerbaijani military

— Ending U.S. humanitarian programs in Artsakh

— Failing to investigate Azerbaijani war crimes

— Refusing to airlift humanitarian aid to Artsakh

— Selling advanced U.S. fighter jets to Turkey

— Declining to sanction Turkey or Azerbaijan

I call upon you to affirm Artsakh’s right to self-determination, to hold Azerbaijan accountable, to sanction Turkey, and establish Armenian security as the top U.S.-Armenia bilateral priority.

Please know that my family, friends, and colleagues are closely watching your actions on each of these pressing issues.


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