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ANCA Rapid Responder Letter: Stop third-party sales of US weapons technology to Azerbaijan

Dear Senator / Representative:

I am writing to ask you to look into the U.S. arms export control implications of a reported sale of Israel’s Iron Dome system to Azerbaijan. News of such a transaction has appeared in Defense Weekly, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and the Azerbaijani Press Agency.

Specifically, I have two concerns regarding the third party transfer to Azerbaijan of U.S.-origin systems, technology or components in the Iron Dome system. Firstly, Azerbaijan has consistently demonstrated that it will use any military resources at its disposal to attack both Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh). Secondly, Azerbaijan may, itself, transfer this sensitive U.S. technology to other countries, including those acting against the United States.

I encourage you to please secure and share with me answers from the Administration to these five pressing questions:

1) Are U.S systems, technology, or components involved in the Iron Dome sale to Azerbaijan? Was the Iron Dome system, at any level, jointly developed or produced with U.S. entities?

2) What provisions of U.S. law, including the Foreign Assistance Act and the Arms Export Control Act, may be potentially applicable to the sale of the Iron Dome system to Azerbaijan?

3) What is the U.S. government process for reviewing and authorizing third-party sales or transfers of U.S. systems, components, or technology?

4) What, if any, U.S. government reviews, notifications, briefings, determinations, or authorizations have taken place related to the Iron Dome sale to Azerbaijan?

5) What opportunities exist for U.S. citizens and their elected Congressional representatives to review and offer their input regarding potential third party sales of U.S. systems, components, or technology?

I am eager to gain a clear understanding of the facts and law related to this issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this regard, and for your friendship and support over the years.


Your generosity empowers our advocacy, inspires our work, and sustains our momentum.