I am writing to ask Senator Risch to allow consideration of three amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act.

The highest priority among these three amendments is the Menendez Amendment #4177. This bipartisan measure would ensure the enforcement of Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act, protecting American tax-payers from having their hard-earned dollars shipped overseas to subsidize the army of a foreign dictator who orders his troops to behead and conduct mass executions of innocent Christian Armenians.

As you know, Azerbaijan – a corrupt petro-monarchy run by a single family for nearly all of the past half-century – continues to remain eligible for U.S. military aid, even after ethnically cleansing the indigenous Armenian land of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), and despite its ongoing attacks into Armenia, torture of illegally-held POWs, and desecration of Christian holy sites.

I also support a second amendment offered by Senator Menendez and another submitted by Senator Padilla calling for 1) reports on the U.S. parts discovered in the Turkish drones deployed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh, and 3) an investigation into war crimes committed during Azerbaijan’s aggression.

Thank you for your urgent attention to my concerns.

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