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ANCA Rapid Responder Letter: Urge USAID Administrator Power to Send Emergency Aid to Artsakh

Letter to USAID Administrator Samantha Power:

Dear Administrator Power:

I am requesting that you help save the blockaded Armenian families of Artsakh, who have – as a result of Azerbaijan’s Lachin Corridor closure – endured a month without shipments of food, medicine, and other vital supplies.

You can do this by 1) launching an U.S. humanitarian airlift to Stepanakert airport and 2) pre-positioning emergency relief supplies in Armenia for immediate delivery as soon as Azerbaijan lifts its blockade.

I make this request in the spirit of your own words: “We decide, on issues large and small, whether we will be bystanders or upstanders.”

I look forward to hearing of your actions to save Artsakh.


Your generosity empowers our advocacy, inspires our work, and sustains our momentum.