“Architecture Week” Festival to Take Place in Yerevan for the First Time


YEREVAN (Panorama.am) – Yerevan will be hosting “Architecture Week” festival for the first time in October.

“Architecture Week” is an annual international festival of architecture and urban planning that has been taking place in Prague throughout 10 years. It deals with the most extraordinary projects in architecture, urban planning, landscape and other related spheres. The festival includes lectures, a professional conference, urban walking, film screening and other activities. The festival is aimed at establishing contact between architects and the public as well as at studying architecture as an element uniting different cultures.

Armenia has participated in the Festival since 2013. It has been represented by “Urbanlab Yerevan,” “Storaket,” “Arkhkop,” “Arvest,” “Urban Unit,” “Tim Flynn,” and “A and L” architectural workshops.

This year for the first time the festival will take place in Yerevan from October 2-8th. The topic of this year’s festival is “Creating History.”

Tatevik Zakaryan, Head of the Festival, told Panorama.am that a number of projects and models from various countries will be exhibited as well as the film series “Living Architectures” by Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine. According to Zakaryan, the festival in Prague consists of several parts, which take place in different countries.

“The conceptual section has always been held in Prague, but this year it will take place in Armenia for the first time. Of course, it cannot have the same scale as in Prague, but we are working towards that,” she noted.

She said that the Prague festival this year only focuses on the Baroque style.

“The Armenian organization of Architecture Week this year concluded a contract with the festival organizers to hold its conceptual part in Armenia, since our country could not take part in the Prague exhibition due to the lack of architectural models of the Baroque era. Therefore, it was decided to hold the international part in Armenia,” she added.


Source: Asbarez
Link: “Architecture Week” Festival to Take Place in Yerevan for the First Time

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