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April 19, 1990

Executive proclamation
By Steve Cowper, Governor

Seventy-five years ago, from 1915 to 1923, the Turkish government committed genocide against the Armenian people, killing 1,500,000 while an additional 502,500 suffered deportation at the hands of the Turkish government.

An Act of Congress chartered the Near East Relief to aid the Armenian genocide survivors and 132,000 Armenian orphans became foster children of American people.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Council unanimously resolved on April 30, 1981, that, “the Armenian Genocide should be included in the Holocaust Museum memorial.”

United States House Resolution 148 authorized and requested that the President of the United States issue a proclamation observing April 24 as “National Day of Remembrance of Man’s Inhumanity to Man.”

Now, therefore, I, Steve Cowper of the State of Alaska, do hereby proclaim April 24, 1990, as:

a day of remembrance of man’s inhumanity to man

in Alaska and urge all Alaskans to continue to strive to overcome prejudice and inhumanity through education, vigilance and resistance.

DATED: April 19, 1990

Done by
Steve Cowper, Governor,
who has also authorized
the seal of the State of
Alaska to be affixed to
this proclamation.

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