Wyoming Gubernatorial Proclamation on the Armenian Genocide - 2017

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The State of Wyoming

Office of the Governor

April 21, 2017

Dear Armenian National Committee of America,

I have studied the material you provided on the Armenian Holocaust and learned about the observances that have taken place in memory of it. The atrocities of both the Armenian and Jewish Holocausts were unimaginable, but it is important for all to remember – history. must not repeat itself.
When Elen Asatryan and Simon Maghakyan came to meet with me in February, they brought a timeline of the Armenian Genocide from April 24, 1915 through 2016. The work of the Armenian National Committee is inspiring. The Armenian National Committee and its membership are working to improve lives, to honor those who lost their lives and to ensure a respect for all people.

My thoughts are with you as you gather for the Colorado State Capitol Armenian Genocide Commemoration.



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