Dear Friend,


Armenia’s at risk.


You see it every day.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.


Azerbaijan and Turkey have emptied Artsakh.


Ethnically cleansed Armenians from yet more of our ancient homeland.


With blood still on the streets of Stepanakert, they have their sights on the rest.


Starting with Syunik. Then Gegharkunik, Vayats Dzor, and Tavush.


They won’t rest until their so-called “Irevan Khanate” becomes the last link in a Pan-Turkic chain stretching from Europe to Central Asia.


Make no mistake. Erdogan and Aliyev – like Abdulhamid and Taalat Pasha before them – seek a “final solution” – the end of Armenia.


What we need is your renewed help in mobilizing our community, coalition partners, and Congressional allies to fight the lie that Artsakh can survive under Azerbaijan.


They make no secret of it. Boasting of it at rallies. Already erasing Armenia and Artsakh from their maps.


With undisguised delight, they are looking forward to the day that Armenians like you and me speak of Aragatsotn, Shirak, and Armavir the way our parents spoke of Kars, Van, and Sepastia.


Even as I write to you, they’re strengthening military positions on strategic heights across sovereign Armenian territory. Here in Washington, anti-Armenian lobbyists are attacking our homeland and heritage, spreading hate and lies like never before.


These threats are dead serious. So too must be our resolve.


To fight back, we’re going to need your renewed faith and financial generosity to enforce sanctions, stop arms sales, punish war criminals, and to support Artsakh refugees and their right to a secure and sustainable return to their indigenous homes.


Please contribute what you can and, even if you can’t donate today, be sure to share this email with family and friends.



PS – With all we have been through, all that we have lost, we must, today – more than ever – summon renewed resolve, drawing upon our deep wells of spiritual strength and national solidarity to keep on fighting to save Armenia.


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