ARS Medical Clinic, Homes Damaged in Aleppo Attack

Severely damaged ARS building. (Source: Venus Studios/ Kantsasar)
A scene of the destruction at the medical clinic. (Source: Studio Venus/Kantsasar)
Scenes from damages caused by attacks. (Source: Venus Studios/ Kantsasar)
Scenes from damages caused by attacks. (Source: Venus Studios/ Kantsasar)

From the Armenian Weekly

ALEPPO — The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) medical clinic of Aleppo suffered substantial damages after an attack by militant opposition groups on Feb. 14, reported the Aleppo-based Armenian news outlet Kantsasar. The attack targeted the mostly-Christian populated districts of Suleymanieh, Nor Kyugh, Telefon Hawaii, and Seyrafi. Kantsasar noted that there were casualties and wounded in this recent attack.

The ARS Central office confirmed the damages to the clinic to the Armenian Weekly. According to our sources, the attack also targeted the Nor Kyugh school area, where two Armenian schools—the Sahagian elementary school and the Djemaran high school—as well as the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Apostolic Church are located, near the medical center. The schools have not been operational for around two years. The church is still in use, even though a part of it is damaged. The recent attack damaged shops and homes in the area.

Viken Voesgerichian. (Source: Viken Vosgerichian's Facebook page)

Viken Voesgerichian. (Source: Viken Vosgerichian’s Facebook page)

In a post on their Facebook page, the ARS Central office appealed for support. “Due to the bombardments today in Aleppo, Syria, the Health Center of the ARS Red Cross of Syria has been destroyed as reported today by the Regional Executive. Please continue your support for the vital needs of our sisters and brothers in Syria through your local ARS chapters or on-line,” read a part of the post.

A day earlier, Kamishli-born Syrian Armenian Viken Vosgerichian (b. 1983), was among those killed in another missile attack. According to reports, Vosgerichian was among the volunteers who stood guard in areas heavily populated by Armenians, in order to ensure their safety. He also participated in the distribution of water to the greater community using special water-transporting vehicles. Several other individuals sustained injuries in the attack, and were transported to nearby hospitals, while many buildings—including homes and stores—as well as several vehicles, suffered extensive damages or were destroyed.

Kantsasar also reported that water has been scarce in the city in recent months, and that electricity has been almost non-existent since Oct. 23, 2015, forcing Aleppo residents to purchase water and a few hours of energy from those who own generators.

The Feb. 13 attack comes less than two weeks after Aleppo’s Armenian-populated Nor Kyugh district was attacked by missiles on Feb. 3, according to a report by Perio News. One of the missiles in that attack hit an area between the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Apostolic Church and the Sahagian Armenian School of Aleppo, while another landed near an Armenian nursing home. According to the Perio News report, while some people sustained injuries, there were no casualties in that attack.

Scenes of damaged homes in Aleppo. (Source: Studio Venus/Kantsasar)

Scenes of damaged homes in Aleppo. (Source: Studio Venus/Kantsasar)

Just over two weeks before that attack, on the morning of Jan. 17, the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church in Aleppo’s Munshieh district was severely damaged after militant groups launched a missile attack on several Aleppo neighborhoods, including Munshieh, Azizieh, and Saad Jabri. According to Kantsasar, the church was hit a few hours after Sunday Mass.

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Source: Asbarez
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