AWWA Hosts 100th Anniversary Gala

BOSTON, Mass.—On Sat., Sept. 12, the Armenian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) celebrated its 100th Anniversary Gala at the beautiful and historic Boston Public Library. Nearly 200 people gathered in the outdoor courtyard to celebrate 100 years of service by a long history of volunteer Armenian women. The setting was magical.

AWWA Gala Committee (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

The program began with AWWA president, Brenda Khederian, addressing the audience with a brief history of the organization and its accomplishments throughout the last 100 years. She spoke about the founders of the AWWA and about the progression from the Home for the Aged to the Armenian Nursing Home to the present facility, the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC) in Jamaica Plain.

Courtyard at BPL (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

The master of ceremony, Peter Koutoujian, sheriff of Middlesex County, expressed deep appreciation to AWWA for the excellence of the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. He shared his experiences of family members at the home.

Karla Fleming, the executive director of the ANRC, mentioned that the facility has been deficiency free for the fifth year in a row and continues to be one of the leading nursing homes in the state.

(L to R) Donald Tellalian, Sophie Tolajian, and Susan Deranian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

Board members JoAnn Janjigian and Annie Youssoufian spoke about their recent trip to the Hanganak NGO clinic in Stepanakert, the capital of the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh), and their meetings with beneficiaries. Hanganak is a health clinic that assists 200 elderly who are 63 years of age and older, and who live alone, and have no other means of support or income. AWWA has provided needed medical assistance to these people for the last 11 years.

The special guest for the evening was Eric Bogosian, a celebrated actor, playwright, and best-selling author, who spoke about the long history of Armenians helping each other in need. Bogosian spoke also about the publication of his recent book, Operation Nemesis.

Eric Bogosian and Peter Koutoujian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

AWWA is grateful to all who attended the celebration and who have supported the organization throughout the years. It is with such support that it can fulfill its mission to help Armenians in need, a task that began 100 years ago. For more information, visit

(L to R) Donald Tellalian, Sophie Tolajian, and Susan Deranian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

(L to R) Ani Kharajian, Arpi Kharajian, Marilyn Wooloohojian, and Cathy Minassian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

Lily and Vaughan Totovian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

Cynthia Kazanjian and Cheri Apelian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

(L to R) Sara Janjigian Trifiro, Barbara Tellalian, and Tsoleen Sarian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

Martin Haroutunian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

(L to R) Vahe Apelian, Carol and Henry Zeytoonjian (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

Betty and George Bode (Photo – Sara Janjigian Trifiro)

Source: Armenian Weekly
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