Azerbaijan Fires Over 3,000 Shots toward Artsakh Throughout Weekend

A soldier guarding the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border

A soldier guarding the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border (Photo: Artsakh Defense Ministry)

STEPANAKERTTensions were high throughout the weekend on the border of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Republic and Azerbaijan–also known as the Line of Contact–as Azerbaijani armed forces fired over 3,000 shots toward Artsakh. According to the Artsakh Defense Ministry, the ceasefire agreement was violated about 260 times.

The Defense Ministry reported that on the night of February 12-13, Azerbaijan used D-44 cannons, mortars, grenades and firearms of different calibers as it violated the ceasefire 80 times, firing over 950 shots toward Armenian positions.

On the night of February 11-12, 450 shots in the eastern direction of the Artsakh forces, violating the ceasefire agreement 35 times. On Saturday night, “the adversary violated the ceasefire agreement about 75 times, firing toward Armenian positions over 620 times,” read a statement on Sunday.

Earlier on the weekend, over 1,620 shots were fired from February 9-11, resulting in 145 ceasefire violations.

No deaths or injuries have been reported.

About a week ago, however, contract serviceman Gegham Manukyan (born 1979) was killed by Azerbaijani fire in the northern direction of the Artsakh/Azerbaijani border, while serviceman Koryun Kirakosyan (born 1998) was heavily wounded in the Martakert region.

On February 6, serviceman Gor Gareginyan (born 1997) was killed in the northeastern direction of the border.

The ceasefire agreement was signed by Armenia, Artsakh, and Azerbaijan on May 5, 1994 and went into effect on May 12, 1994 after a six year war.

“The Defense Army’s frontline divisions continue to carry out their military duties and take necessary measures to pressure the rival’s activity,” concluded the Ministry’s latest press statement.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Azerbaijan Fires Over 3,000 Shots toward Artsakh Throughout Weekend

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