The ANCA carefully tracks Members of Congress on a range of issues of concern to Armenian Americans. We compile this information and present the profile of each Member in an easy-to-read Report Card format. Congressional grades and endorsements for the 116th Congress will be announced on October, 2020.

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ANCA Report Card: 117th Congress (2021-2022)

Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Education Act (H.R.7555)? Yes
Cosponsored Resolution Urging Release of Armenian POWs (H.Res.240)? Yes
Cosponsored Pro-Armenian Amendments to the FY22 NDAA? No
Signed Letter Supporting Pro-Armenian Foreign Aid Priorities in 2021? Yes
Signed Letter Supporting Pro-Armenian Foreign Aid Priorities in 2022? Yes
Signed Letter Calling on U.S. to Cut Military Aid to Azerbaijan? No
Signed Letter Urging President to Recognize Armenian Genocide? Yes
Signed 2021 Armenian American Priorities Letter to the President? Yes
Signed Letter Urging the U.S. to Block the Transfer of Drone Technology to Turkey? Yes
Signed Letter Urging the U.S. to Block F-16s Sale to Turkey? Yes
Signed  Letter Urging U.S. Funding for Artsakh Demining? yes
Issued Statements Commemorating Azerbaijan's Pogroms in Sumgait & Baku? No
Issued Pro-Azerbaijan Statements on Black January? no
Issued an April 24th Statement Marking the Armenian Genocide in 2021/2022? No
Member of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues? Yes

07/21/21 - Rep. Maloney tweeted "Turkey must halt its illegal reopening of Varosha. As Co-Chair of the Hellenic Caucus, I will continue to stand against Turkey's provocations and work for a unified Cyprus in line with UN Security Council resolutions." View the tweet here.

07/01/21 - Rep. Maloney tweeted "Turkey’s continuing unilateral actions on Cyprus make a mockery of the rules-based international order that is crucial to maintaining global peace and prosperity. America must speak out forcefully against the illegal “reopening” of Verosha." View the tweet here.

05/07/21 - Rep. Maloney tweeted "The United States must uphold our commitment to defending religious freedom abroad by holding Turkey accountable for violating the religious freedoms of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Greek Orthodox Christians, and other religious minorities." View the tweet here.

04/24/21 - Rep. Maloney tweeted "Thank you @POTUS for taking this stand for the truth and justice. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide will enable us to enlist the full force of the government to encourage education so future generations will remember it for what it was and ensure it never happens again." View the tweet here.
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