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Cosponsored the “Armenian Protection Act” (H.R.7288)? Yes
Cosponsored Azerbaijan Sanctions / Artsakh Aid / Armenia Aid Act (H.R.5683)? Yes
Cosponsored Azerbaijan Sanctions / Artsakh Aid (H.R.5686)? No
Cosponsored Resolution Urging Release of Armenian POWs, political prisoners, and hostages (H.Res.861)? Yes
Cosponsored the Artsakh Blockade Resolution (H.Res.108)? Yes
Cosponsored the U.S. Recognition of Artsakh Resolution (H.Res.320)? Yes
Cosponsored the Azerbaijan Human Rights Accountability Resolution (H.Res.735)? Yes
Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Education Act (H.R.2803)? Yes
Signed Letters Supporting Pro-Armenian Foreign Aid Priorities in 2023/2024? Yes
Signed Schiff Letter Demanding U.S. Sanctions on Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Schiff Letter Opposing U.S. Rifle Sale to Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Barbara Lee Opposing Security Assistance to Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Armenian Caucus Letter to the UN to Sanction Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Bi-Cameral Whitehouse/Magaziner Letter to Sanction Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Eshoo-Pelosi Letter to Sanction Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Costa-Pallone-Sherman Letter to Defend Armenia? Yes
Signed Bi-Cameral Padilla/Eshoo Letter to Send Security & Refugee Aid to Armenia? Yes
Attended the “Save Artsakh” Press Conference on Capitol Hill (Jan., 2023)? No
Attended the Artsakh Solidarity Press Conference on Capitol Hill (Sept., 2023)? Yes
Attended the Armenian Genocide Observance on Capitol Hill in 2023/2024? Yes
Met with His Holiness Aram I, Armenian Apostolic Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia?  No
Member of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues? Yes

12/08/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Don't let this "election" fool you into thinking Azerbaijan is an actual democracy. Aliyev has cracked down strongly on all political opposition like Gubad Ibadoghlu & decimated its civil society. The U.S. must condemn his antidemocratic behavior & push for free & fair elections." View the tweet here.

12/07/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Glad to see that Armenia and Azerbaijan were able to come to an agreement to release 32 Armenian prisoners. This is an important step forward, but the U.S. must provide Armenia with security assistance to ensure a lasting peace in the Caucasus." View the tweet here.

12/04/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I signed onto a bipartisan, bicameral letter to Congressional leaders urging them to include security assistance for Armenia in any upcoming supplemental funding bill. American support is critical to deter further Azerbaijani aggression & ensure Armenia's territorial integrity. " View the tweet here.

11/28/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "While I'm glad that @SecBlinken is engaging with PM @NikolPashinyan, I am concerned that Aliyev is using ongoing peace negotiations to prepare for another attack. The U.S. must provide Armenia with resources to defend itself against unprovoked military actions from Azerbaijan." View the tweet here.

11/21/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Glad to see that @USAID will provide $4 Million in humanitarian assistance to the people affected by Azerbaijan’s aggression in Artsakh. This is an important package, but @StateDept must do more to address the humanitarian crisis that Aliyev has created." View the tweet here.

11/17/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "For years, Azerbaijan has been launching a genocidal campaign against the Armenian people of Artsakh. Aliyev's aggression has caused untold pain, destruction, and death in the region. It is past time the U.S. takes meaningful action to prevent another war." View the tweet here.

11/16/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I applaud the Senate for passing the Armenian Protection Act. Now, the House must follow and pass my bipartisan bill, H.R. 5683, which will repeal Section 907 and ban U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan. There must be real consequences for Aliyev's aggression toward Armenia." View the tweet here.

11/15/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I cosponsored a resolution calling for the release of all POWs and civilians that have been detained in the wake of Azerbaijan's assault on Artsakh.The U.S. must use all tools available, including sanctions, to hold Aliyev accountable for these ongoing human rights abuses." View the tweet here.

11/05/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Spoke at St. Stepanos Armenian church's 35th anniversary about the need for the U.S. to provide security & humanitarian assistance for Armenia in the aftermath of the Azerbaijani invasion of Artsakh. Potential attacks by Aliyev against southern Armenia requires U.S. action." View the tweet here.

11/03/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I submitted testimony today to @HouseForeign during their Member Day Hearing. I detailed the dire situation in Artsakh, the need for urgent assistance to Armenia & the importance of confronting autocrats like Putin, Erdogan & Aliyev." View the tweet here.

11/08/23 - Sen. Pallone tweeted "As Co-Chair of the Congressional Armenia Caucus, I am appalled by Citibank's blatant discrimination against Armenian Americans. These violations are exactly why we must continue to support @CFPB in its fight to protect all consumers." View the tweet here.

10/27/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I signed a letter to @SecBlinken urging @StateDept to hold Turkey accountable for its support of Hamas. I also joined my Caucus colleagues to condemn Erdogan's reference to Hamas as a "liberation group." Hamas is a terrorist organization. Any other suggestion is appalling." View the tweet here.

10/26/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Erdogan must be held accountable for his disturbing comments and his role in funding and facilitating the operations of Hamas.There is absolutely no excuse for Turkey, an alleged NATO ally, to support a terrorist organization solely committed to Israel's destruction." View the tweet here.

10/17/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Aliyev's horrific actions in Artsakh and his ongoing aggression against Armenia show that he is not a serious partner seeking peace. He seems determined to push another deadly war in the Caucasus." View the tweet here.

10/13/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "For years Turkey, a supposed NATO ally, has supported Hamas leadership. The United States should make clear to Erdogan that Turkey must cease all ties with Hamas & end its financial support of the organization, especially in the wake of last week's heinous attacks against Israel." View the tweet here.

10/11/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Aliyev is moving forward with his objective to take Southern Armenia. There's no doubt that his regime is emboldened after facing little consequences for the invasion of Artsakh. I’ve urged @StateDept to take concrete action against Azerbaijan, including sanctions" View the tweet here.

10/05/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Aliyev is walking away from a meeting with Armenia and the EU. He is likely buying time to plan an attack against Armenia. This could happen soon unless the U.S. & our partners take immediate action." View the tweet here.

10/05/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Joined my colleagues on the Armenia Caucus in sending a letter to @SecBlinken regarding the grave threat Azerbaijan poses to Armenia's territorial integrity. Aliyev has proven time & again that he cannot be trusted, and
@StateDept must take action to prevent this from happening." View the tweet here.

09/29/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Proud to join my colleagues at the Capitol to bring attention to Aliyev’s genocidal campaign. We all feel the pain and sense of loss after the events that have unfolded in Artsakh. I’ll keep calling on the Biden Admin to take action to protect Armenians and their territory." View the tweet here.

09/27/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Just days after forcing thousands out of their homes in Artsakh, Aliyev is conspiring with Erdogan to take further military action in Southern Armenia. The U.S. must act NOW and make clear that this is an unacceptable escalation that would warrant serious consequences." View the tweet here.

09/27/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I am glad that @USAID is providing humanitarian assistance to Artsakh & I agree that there must be international monitors on the ground. However, this should be coupled with action to hold Aliyev accountable for his calculated efforts to drive Armenians out of their homes in NK." View the tweet here.

09/26/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "It's heartbreaking to see Armenian refugees being forced out of their homeland in Artsakh - a direct result of Aliyev's deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing. Congress needs to pass my bill to address Azerbaijan’s unprovoked aggression & provide urgent humanitarian assistance." View the tweet here.

09/25/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "@PowerUSAID's visit to Armenia today is a welcomed escalation of American involvement in the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Artsakh. I’m also glad @SecBlinken held a call with PM Pashinyan. We must now see stronger actions to hold Aliyev accountable." View the tweet here.

09/22/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I introduced the Supporting Armenians Against Azerbaijani Aggression Act in the House, which includes several important provisions that will hold Azerbaijan accountable for Aliyev's horrific atrocities committed against Armenians in Artsakh.

This legislation provides much-needed humanitarian assistance to Armenians & strengthens cooperation between the U.S. & Armenia in the security, energy, science, and technology sectors. It also repeals Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act, banning most assistance to Azerbaijan." View the tweet here.

09/21/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I offer my continued support to the Armenian people as they mark their Independence Day. In the face of ongoing Azerbaijani aggression, it's vital for the U.S. to help Armenia uphold its independence & security. I'll keep working to ensure their democracy can continue to thrive." View the tweet here.

09/20/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I led the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues in urging @POTUS, @SecBlinken, and @USAmbUN to lead efforts at the @UN Security Council to establish a mandate and peacekeeping mission that secures and protects the vulnerable Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabakh." View the tweet here.

09/19/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "We’ve known for months that Azerbaijan is implementing a genocidal campaign against the Armenian people in Artsakh. The large-scale attack by Azerbaijani forces today further escalates that campaign and the humanitarian crisis that Aliyev has created." View the tweet here.

09/19/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Thank you @SenatorMenendez for holding this extremely important hearing on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Artsakh. This helped shed light on Aliyev's deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing that continues with Azerbaijan's illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor." View the tweet here.

09/12/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "The U.S. is conducting historic joint peacekeeping exercises with Armenia - a sign of increased cooperation between our militaries and stronger relationship between our nations. I'll continue to advocate for further, deeper collaboration in the future." View the tweet here.

09/08/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Democratic elections in Artsakh are set to take place this weekend even during these difficult times caused by Azerbaijan's blockade. As they move forward, I urge @StateDept & others to condemn any violent rhetoric or actions threatened by Aliyev" View the tweet here.

09/06/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "There must be real consequences for Aliyev's crimes against humanity and his deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing in Artsakh. Peace in the Caucasus will continue to be evasive if Aliyev is not held responsible for Azerbaijan's aggression against the Armenian people. @SecBlinken is rightfully calling for an end to the blockade of the Lachin Corridor, but these words must be met with meaningful action. Especially, as the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh continues to worsen." View the tweet here.

09/02/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Congratulations to the people of Artsakh on their 32nd Independence Day. The Congressional Armenia Caucus and I will continue to stand with you against Azerbaijan's illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor and will keep working to ensure peace and security for people in Artsakh." View the tweet here.

08/19/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Azerbaijan’s claims that closing the Lachin Corridor is necessary for military purposes is just a ridiculous excuse to mask their deliberate ethnic cleansing. It’s clear Alivyev is making conditions worse in Artsakh, which is why I’ve asked @statedept to act." View the tweet here.

08/17/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I've long opposed military assistance to Azerbaijan, especially now as Aliyev continues to violate international law and commit numerous human rights abuses against Armenians in Artsakh. We must stand by our values and get tougher if we hope to secure peace in the Caucasus. I commend @USAmbUN for calling for the reopening of the Lachin corridor at yesterday’s @UN Security Council meeting, but we must match our words with action. " View the tweet here.

08/15/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I strongly urge @USAmbUN to work with our partners & allies to hold Azerbaijan accountable at tomorrow's special @UN Security Council meeting. They must demand an end to the illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor so that humanitarian goods and services can enter Artsakh again." View the tweet here.

08/13/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "It has been clear for a long time that Aliyev is committing a genocide against Armenians in Artsakh, but recognition from the former ICC chief is an important step to recognize this fact.

Now, the international community must call on Azerbaijan to end the illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor and provide guarantees for the rights and securities of Armenians in Artsakh." View the tweet here.

08/03/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Glad that UN Secretary General @antonioguterres is recognizing the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh. Now the international community must act together to ensure Aliyev ends his blockade of the Lachin Corridor & allows essential aid & goods into Artsakh again." View the tweet here.

08/02/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "On Saturday, Azeri forces apprehended an Artsakh civilian who was being transported for medical treatment to Armenia. This human rights abuse is setting a dangerous precedent by baselessly alleging he was a criminal because he fought in the first Artsakh war.

Azerbaijan continues to block the Lachin Corridor, preventing any food, medical supplies & energy resources from reaching Armenians in Artsakh. This is a violation of international law & a clear campaign of ethnic cleansing against these people at the hands of the Aliyev regime." View the tweet here.

07/29/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "We must act to prevent a crisis in Artsakh. The Azeri blockade of the Lachin Corridor has led to a dire shortage of essential goods & is a textbook definition of ethnic cleansing. There must be consequences. Statement from the Congressional Armenia Caucus:" View the tweet here.

07/26/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Aliyev’s deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign in Artsakh is unfolding before our eyes. @StateDept & the international community must make it clear that it’s unacceptable & implement sanctions. Failure to reopen the border now will trigger an unfathomable humanitarian crisis." View the tweet here.

06/21/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Thank you to @TLHumanRights for hosting this important hearing regarding the ongoing Azeri blockade of the Lachin Corridor. This has caused a major humanitarian crisis for the people of Artsakh & during my remarks I called on @StateDept to take tougher actions to help end it." View the tweet here.

06/16/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Another example of Azerbaijan violating Armenian sovereignty & escalating the situation. @StateDept & @usembarmenia
must do more than show concern for this aggression. This won't stop until the U.S. uses all diplomatic tools available, including sanctions." View the tweet here.

06/14/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Azerbaijan is jeopardizing ongoing peace negotiations and risking further destabilization in the Caucasus through their attacks in Armenian territory. @StateDept must try to halt these senseless acts of aggression & push for the recognition & respect of Armenia's borders." View the tweet here.

05/10/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Met with Members of the Armenia-USA Friendship Group, the parliamentary equivalent of the Congressional Armenian Caucus. We had a great discussion about the democratic reforms taking place in Armenia, the ongoing peace talks, & ways to strengthen the US-Armenia relationship." View the tweet here.

05/05/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "This progress shows what is possible when @StateDept plays an active role in negotiations between Armenia & Azerbaijan. The U.S. must continue working to ensure a fair, lasting peace deal that protects Armenia's sovereign borders & upholds the rights of the people of Artsakh." View the tweet here.

04/26/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Joined a letter to @SecRaimondo expressing opposition to the U.S. granting any export licenses for weapons shipments to Azerbaijan. It’s clear that weapons in the hands of Azerbaijan will only enable Aliyev to continue committing human rights abuses against the Armenian people." View the tweet here.

04/24/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Today on the 108th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, we remember the 1.5 million Armenians who were murdered by the Ottoman Turks. We also recognize the strength & resilience of the Armenian people, who continue to face threats as Turkey denies these past atrocities." View the tweet here.

04/24/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Setting up a checkpoint on the Lachin Corridor is an unacceptable violation of the 2020 ceasefire & an unmistakable effort to prevent Armenians & resources from entering Artsakh. @StateDept rightfully condemned these destabilizing actions, which only make peace more difficult." View the tweet here.

04/19/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Today on Capitol Hill, we honored the victims & survivors of the Armenian Genocide & acknowledged the resolve of the Armenian people. There are clear parallels between these past crimes & the ongoing blockade of the Lachin Corridor. The U.S. must act swiftly to avert a crisis." View the tweet here.

02/08/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Proud to introduce a resolution today with Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues leaders condemning Azerbaijan for its blockade of Armenians in Artsakh that’s clearly intended to shut off the only supply route for Artsakh’s food, medical supplies, and other essential goods. We stand united today in telling Azerbaijan to end this intentional humanitarian crisis. It’s time for the United States to take immediate steps to protect the people of Artsakh before it’s too late." View the tweet here.

02/02/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Demonstrators were at the Capitol today opposing Azerbaijan's illegal and inhumane blockade of the Lachin Corridor. I proudly stood with them in calling for the United States to hold Aliyev accountable for his human rights abuses against the people of Artsakh." View the tweet here.

01/23/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Good to see that @SecBlinken is calling on Aliyev to end the illegal and inhumane blockade of the Lachin Corridor. The U.S. should not stand idly by as this humanitarian crisis continues to worsen. @StateDept must take concrete action to ensure the people of Artsakh are safe." View the tweet here.

01/18/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I joined my colleagues in urging @SecBlinken & @PowerUSAID to use maximum pressure on Aliyev to end his month-long blockade of the Lachin Corridor before the current humanitarian crisis becomes catastrophic. Countless lives are in danger without U.S. action." View the tweet here.

01/17/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "It's important for the U.S. and our international partners to provide real leadership in the Caucasus region. That includes halting Aliyev's aggressive actions and egregious human rights abuses in Artsakh." View the tweet here.

01/11/23 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Aliyev continues to lie to the international community about the month-long blockade of the Lachin Corridor. There is clear evidence it's causing a humanitarian crisis in Artsakh by blocking critical food and medical supplies from getting to civilians." View the tweet here.

12/23/22 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "I’m pleased that the federal spending bill includes an unprecedented $60 million in economic assistance for Armenia and $2 million for demining activities in Artsakh. This will help Armenia bolster its economic development, energy independence, and rule of law." View the tweet here.

12/21/22 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Glad to see the U.S. is pushing with others at the #UNSecurityCouncil to open the Lachin Corridor and end the humanitarian crisis caused by Azerbaijan. The Congressional Armenian Caucus will continue to push the @StateDept to take further actions that protect Artsakh." View the tweet here.

12/18/22 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Joined my colleagues on a letter to @POTUS urging him to take action to ensure the safety of the people of Artsakh after Azerbaijan has imposed a blockade of the Lachin Corridor, the only road connecting Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia, endangering thousands." View the tweet here.

12/13/22 - Rep. Pallone tweeted "Azerbaijan's hostile actions in Nagorno Karabakh are deplorable. The Azeri blockage of the sole road connecting the people of Artsakh to Armenia poses huge risks to vulnerable populations. Statement from the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Armenia Caucus." View the tweet here.
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