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Cosponsored the Artsakh Blockade Resolution (H.Res.108)? Yes
Issued statement condemning Azerbaijan's Artsakh Blockade (starting 12/12/22)? Yes
Member of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues? Yes

02/01/23 - Rep. Meng posted the following to Facebook: "Helping my constituents, no matter where they are in the world, is always my top priority. I am proud to have helped in the evacuation of a constituent’s wife and son who were trapped in Nagorno-Karabakh (#Artsakh) due to the blockade of the #LachinCorridor." View the Facebook post here.

12/15/22 - Rep. Meng tweeted "I condemn the aggressive actions taken by #Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh, cutting off the only remaining supply route for much of the food, medical supplies, and other essential items. Reports of gas being shut off is even more disturbing as winter sets in. 1/2 This is a continuing pattern of well-documented abuses against the Armenian people. I encourage the US to work to bring the parties back to the negotiating table. 2/2" View the tweet here.
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