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2020 Grade

Voted for the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res. 296? Yes
Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.296? Yes
Cosponsored the Artsakh Recognition Resolution, H.Res.1203? Yes
Cosponsored the Resolution Condemning the Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks, H.Res.1165? Yes
Cosponsored the U.S.-Artsakh Travel and Communication Resolution, H.Res.190? Yes
Cosponsored the Resolution Reaffirming the US-Armenia Strategic Relationship (H.Res.452)? Yes
Cosponsored the 2020 Speier-Cox Amendment to the Foreign Aid Bill for Continued U.S. Aid to Artsakh? Yes
Voted for the 2019 Speier Amendment to the Foreign Aid Bill Calling for $40 Million in Aid to Armenia? Yes
Voted for the 2019 Sherman Amendment to the NDAA against Azerbaijani Threats to Shoot Down Civilian Aircraft? Yes
Signed the 2020 Armenian Caucus Letter Condemning Azerbaijan/Turkey attacks on Armenia/Artsakh? Yes
Signed the 2020 Cox-Sherman-Costa-Clark Letter Calling for Sanctions on Azerbaijan for War Crimes? Yes
Signed the 2020 Speier Letter Against the Anti-Armenian Chabot-Cohen Amendment to NDAA? Yes
Signed the Armenian Caucus Letter Condemning the Azerbaijan War Games in May, 2020? Yes
Signed the 2019 Sherman-Cox Letter to Continue US Aid for Artsakh De-Mining? Yes
Signed Letters Supporting Pro-Armenian Foreign Aid Priorities in 2019/2020? Yes
Signed the 2020 Titus Letter urging the Library of Congress to properly categorize the Armenian Genocide? Yes
Signed the 2019 Armenian Genocide Letter to the President? Yes
Signed the 2020 Crenshaw Letter to Block Erdogan’s Visit to DC? Yes
Issued a 2020 Statement Calling for Artsakh Recognition? No
Issued a 2020 Statement Condemning Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks on Armenia/Artsakh? Yes
Issued an April 24th Statement Marking the Armenian Genocide in 2019/2020? Yes
Commemorated the Sumgait-Baku-Kirovabad Pogroms in 2019/2020? Yes
Offered Remarks in 2019/2020 making false Khojaly accusations? No
Traveled to Armenia and/or Artsakh in 2019/2020? Yes
Member of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues? Yes

11/12/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "The ceasefire forced on Armenia regarding Nagorno-Karabagh needs to be immediately addressed by @OSCE. I call on @StateDept to take immediate action in this regard and finally recognize Artsakh." View the tweet here.

11/10/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "Azerbaijan took advantage of a global pandemic and a US election to wage war on Artsakh & terrorize the people by attacking civilian areas. It's more important than ever that the US recognize the independent Republic of Artsakh as the only path to lasting peace." View the tweet here.

10/27/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "The Armenians in Artsakh deserve more than words. The US must be active in bringing this conflict to a stop. That's why I joined @RepJimmyGomez today in calling for Magnitsky sanctions on Azerbaijan. We must also halt military aid to Azerbaijan and support an independent Artsakh|A U.S.-brokered truce agreement with Armenia failed to halt the worst fighting in decades over disputed territory.
The agreement the Trump admin announced yesterday, and a subsequent attempt to call a truce, collapsed almost immediately.
@SaraKho…" View the tweet here.

10/19/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "With artillery and "suicide drones", Azerbaijan is terrorizing the people of Artsakh. I'm heartbroken to see this destruction and the pain and fear families are experiencing. It's time we sanction & cut aid to Azerbaijan & support an independent Artsakh" View the tweet here.

10/06/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "One year ago, I landed in Stepanakert for my first visit to Armenia. I'm heartbroken to see the destruction caused by Azerbaijan's rockets & for the innocent civilians. The US must use every means to stop Azerbaijan & Turkey's aggression" View the tweet here.

10/05/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "I'm so troubled by Azerbaijan's violent campaign against the peaceful people of Artsakh. I was proud to visit Artsakh last year and marveled at not only the beauty of the land, but the energy & spirit of the people, who are thriving despite Azerbaijan's snipers, landmines, & more" View the tweet here.

10/05/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "Azerbaijan's aggression should have been caught & stopped. In the 2020 NDAA, I included language to enforce the Royce-Engel peace proposals to add monitors & shot locators & ensure Azerbaijan is held accountable, but the Senate rejected it. We must stand w/ the people of Artsakh!" View the tweet here.

10/05/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "That includes cutting off all military aid to Azerbaijan until they commit to a cease fire." View the tweet here.

07/15/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "My thoughts are with the innocent Armenians suffering from this violence. Azerbaijan's continued violence against the Armenian people must end. That is why every year, I call for ending the US military assistance to Azerbaijan which enables Azerbaijan to continue its aggression.|Death toll rises in Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes" View the tweet here.

04/24/20 - Rep. Chu tweeted "105 years ago today, Armenian intellectual and cultural leaders were rounded up in what would become the Armenian Genocide. 1.5 million innocent lives were lost and it is up to all of us to remember so that this can never happen again." View the tweet here.

11/14/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "This is sad. At Erdogan's behest, Trump is trying to stop GOP criticism of Turkey. Sen. Graham - eager to please - jumps to genocide denial. We know the facts of the #ArmenianGenocide. Our own ambassador at the time recorded them. We don't benefit by whitewashing history" View the tweet here.

10/29/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "I'll never forget meeting Joseph "Bebo" Manjikian at his 104th birthday, where he told me about the many members of his family who died in the #ArmenianGenocide. He never forgot them, and neither can we. Today, we finally voted to officially recognize the first modern genocide." View the tweet here.

10/29/19 - Rep. Chu posted the following to Facebook: "I'll never forget meeting Joseph "Bebo" Manjikian at his 104th birthday, where he told me about the many members of his family who died in the Armenian Genocide. He never forgot them, and neither can we. Today, we finally voted to officially recognize the first modern genocide." View the Facebook post here.

10/25/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "It's decades overdue, but H. Res 296 is expected to come up for a vote next week! This will be a significant vote to put America on the right side of history - acknowledging the horrors of the Armenian Genocide, especially as Turkey attempts to ethnically cleanse the Kurds." View the tweet here.

10/09/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "Great to meet @KimKardashian in Armenia today with my colleague @RepSpeier ! Thank you for all the work you are doing to support the Armenian people and push for congressional recognition of the Armenian genocide." View the tweet here.

10/08/19 - Rep. Chu posted the following to Facebook: "Bombs and landmines from Azerbaijan that could kill a whole family still threaten the people of Artsakh. That’s why I’m proud to continue to support funding for The HALO Trust, which conducts demining around the world, including Artsakh. Already, their efforts have dropped the number of casualties from 40 a year to less than 10. We also need to ensure my amendment is included in the NDAA to strengthen the cease-fire by calling for gunfire locators, adding more OSCE observers, and stopping the deployment of snipers, new arms, and heavy weapons." View the Facebook post here.

09/27/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "I'm so saddened to see this kind of hate speech and intimidation in our area. The San Gabriel Valley is a model to the country of how diversity is a strength. But as we can see from this hateful graffiti, Trump's rhetoric can spread like an infection." View the tweet here.

09/27/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "This incident is particularly upsetting considering the history of its target. The Armenian community has been in the San Gabriel Valley for 100 years. They came here after hate speech just like this led to the first modern genocide in history, costing 1.5 million lives." View the tweet here.

04/24/19 - Rep. Chu tweeted "It's time the US Gov't stands on the right side of history and officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide, which started 104 years ago today. H. Res. 296 affirms the truth, pushes back on Turkey's bullying, and encourages education so the 1.5 million victims are never forgotten" View the tweet here.

04/23/19 - Rep. Chu posted the following to Facebook: "For the past 25 years I've had the honor of taking part in the annual commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in the City of Montebello. On the 104th anniversary we must recommit to #NeverForget the crimes against humanity that we're committed when 1.5 Million Armenians were murdered by the Turkish government." View the Facebook post here.

04/02/19 - Rep. Chu posted the following to Facebook: "It was an honor to meet with Anna Hakobyan, the wife of Armenia’s Prime Minister, to celebrate the important US-Armenia relationship and learn more about her Women For Peace tour." View the Facebook post here.
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