The ANCA closely tracks the performance of every incumbent Senator and Representative across a broad array of pro-Armenian legislative metrics, carefully scores and objectively grades each legislator, and then – as a public service to voters interested in factoring our insights into the diverse set of criteria they consider when voting – widely circulates non-biased, fact-driven, merit-based Report Cards and Endorsements each election cycle.

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Cosponsored the “Armenian Protection Act” (H.R.7288)? No
Cosponsored Azerbaijan Sanctions / Artsakh Aid / Armenia Aid Act (H.R.5683)? No
Cosponsored Azerbaijan Sanctions / Artsakh Aid (H.R.5686)? Yes
Cosponsored Resolution Urging Release of Armenian POWs, political prisoners, and hostages (H.Res.861)? Yes
Cosponsored the Artsakh Blockade Resolution (H.Res.108)? Yes
Cosponsored the U.S. Recognition of Artsakh Resolution (H.Res.320)? Yes
Cosponsored the Azerbaijan Human Rights Accountability Resolution (H.Res.735)? Yes
Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Education Act (H.R.2803)? Yes
Signed Letters Supporting Pro-Armenian Foreign Aid Priorities in 2023/2024? Yes
Signed Schiff Letter Demanding U.S. Sanctions on Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Schiff Letter Opposing U.S. Rifle Sale to Azerbaijan? No
Signed Barbara Lee Opposing Security Assistance to Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Armenian Caucus Letter to the UN to Sanction Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Bi-Cameral Whitehouse/Magaziner Letter to Sanction Azerbaijan? No
Signed Eshoo-Pelosi Letter to Sanction Azerbaijan? Yes
Signed Costa-Pallone-Sherman Letter to Defend Armenia? No
Signed Bi-Cameral Padilla/Eshoo Letter to Send Security & Refugee Aid to Armenia? Yes
Attended the “Save Artsakh” Press Conference on Capitol Hill (Jan., 2023)? Yes
Attended the Artsakh Solidarity Press Conference on Capitol Hill (Sept., 2023)? No
Attended the Armenian Genocide Observance on Capitol Hill in 2023/2024? Yes
Met with His Holiness Aram I, Armenian Apostolic Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia?  No
Member of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues? Yes

09/19/23 - Rep. Chu tweeted "I vehemently denounce Azerbaijan’s escalation of violence against the Armenian people of Artsakh. The United States has a moral responsibility to prevent genocide, and I urge @StateDept to take swift action to stop this aggression." View the tweet here.

08/23/23 - Rep. Chu tweeted "What Azerbaijan is doing to the Armenian people in Artsakh is unconscionable. I will continue to work with my colleagues in the Armenian Caucus to call for an end to the blockade and for the U.S. to halt all assistance to Azerbaijan until it is lifted." View the tweet here.

04/24/23 - Rep. Chu tweeted "Today marks 108 years since the Armenian genocide. I remember & honor the 1.5 million victims of this atrocity. Honoring them must also mean standing up for Armenians today, especially as 120,000 Armenian people face persecution in Artskah due to Azerbaijan's illegal blockade." View the tweet here.

02/10/23 - Rep. Chu tweeted "I'm proud to cosponsor H.Res.108 condemning Azerbaijan's blockade of Artsakh, which has left 120,000 Armenians without access to food, fuel & medicine for 2 months. I urge my colleagues to join me in holding Azerbaijan to account & ensuring vital aid reaches those in need." View the tweet here.

12/20/22 - Rep. Chu tweeted "I stand with the thousands who are suffering under Azerbaijan's illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor, the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia. I proudly joined @RepAdamSchiff & our colleagues in a letter to @POTUS urging him to take action to protect the people of Artsakh." View the tweet here.
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