Crowdfunding Campaign for Armenian Wine Kicks Off

Areni Noir Grapes

Areni Noir Grapes

February crowdfunding campaign will reward donors with bottles of ZORAH Wine

SAN FRANCISCO —, the only portal connecting the best sustainable Armenian wines to Americans, announced the launch of its 30-day crowdfunding campaign that will expand the availability of ZORAH Wine to Armenian diaspora and wine aficionados in America. The campaign launched Thursday, February 18, 2016, and the funds raised from the campaign will be used by World’s First Wines PBC (WFW) to facilitate the import and distribution of modern, sustainable Armenian wines in America, starting in 2016 with its first partner, ZORAH Wines. By contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, donors will receive perk packages that include ZORAH Karasi wine, to be delivered in mid-2016.

World’s First Wines’ goals include expanding access to quality Armenian wine in America, and further developing sustainable winemaking standards with the growing Armenian wine industry. A portion of the funds raised will also be donated to Armenia Tree Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Armenian reforestation and job creation through seasonal tree-planting programs.

“We are uniting the buying power of Americans who care about great wine and sustainability with some of the best tasting and most historic wine the world has ever known,” said Matt Bogoshian of World’s First Wines. “Through ZORAH’s rich and dynamic Karasi wine, we are able to share the story of Armenia as the birthplace of winemaking, and show that quality product and sustainable ethos can make Armenian wine prominent again on the world stage.”

Some American customers have already experienced ZORAH Wine, but this campaign will expand access to 40+ US states. Since 2011, ZORAH has sought to create truly profound wines of outstanding quality, which showcase varietal and regional strengths while capturing the soul of this unique terrior. In so doing, ZORAH aspires to introduce a radical new vision for the future of Armenian wine. Bloomberg Business named ZORAH Karasi one of the Top 10 Wines of 2012.

Tomorrow, ZORAH Wines and the full World’s First Wines story can be found at the WFW crowdfunding campaign page on Cruzu, the only crowdfunding platform serving the wine industry. The campaign will go live on Thursday, February 18 and run for 30 days to March 19, with a $10,000 campaign target.

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About World’s First Wines

Founded in 2015, World’s First Wines PBC helps premium, first world Armenian wine reach American wine drinkers. WFW is the portal for wine enthusiasts interested in high quality wines, rare wine varieties, and the unique historical experience of Armenian winemaking. We strive to invoke ancestral pride in the region where winemaking began, connecting Armenian diaspora and aficionados in America with quality wine products that also contribute to the growth of the Armenian people, land, and sustainable winemaking industry.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Crowdfunding Campaign for Armenian Wine Kicks Off

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