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Tell MilesTek: Selling Drone Equipment to Turkey Kills Armenian Civilians

Evidence collected on the battlefield confirms that MilesTek equipment has been found in Turkish Bayraktar drones that Azerbaijan is using to commit war crimes against Armenian civilians in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh).

Contact MilesTek and urge them to stop selling drone equipment to Turkey.

Take these three steps today:

1) Call MilesTek at (866)-524-1553

I am calling to voice my outrage that equipment produced by MilesTek has been found in Turkish drones used by Azerbaijan to kill Christian Armenian civilians.

I demand that MilesTek immediately announce that it will stop selling any military equipment to either Turkey or Azerbaijan.

2) Click here to send a pre-written tweet calling on MilesTek to stop selling equipment to Turkey for their Bayraktar drones

I am calling on MilesTek – a US firm based in Lewisville, TX – to stop selling drone equipment to #Turkey for their Bayraktar drones, which are being used by #Azerbaijan to kill Christian Armenian civilians.


3- Write to Comant at anca.org/WriteMilestek

Click here to directly connect to your email and send a pre-written message to MilesTek.

If your browser does not support this functionality, use the following email address and the text below. If your time permits, please customize the subject line and sample letter.

Here is the list of email addresses:


Here is a sample subject line: Stop selling drone equipment to Turkey

Here is a sample letter:

I am alarmed to learn that, over the past month, equipment produced by MilesTek has been discovered in Turkish Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles deployed extensively by Azerbaijan to commit war crimes against civilians in Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh).

Your company must immediately stop any and all military or dual-use sales or other transactions with the Turkish or Azerbaijani governments or related entities, suspend any such pending agreements, and terminate all existing contracts that place innocent Armenian lives in continued danger.

In addition to calling upon your corporation to take these actions, I am calling upon the U.S. government, through my federal legislators, to deny export licenses for arms sales or transfers to Turkey and Azerbaijan, and also to pursue congressional investigations into the presence of U.S. parts and technology in weaponry used to kill Armenian civilians. I will as well, publicize my actions among my social network and also via communication with U.S. media outlets.

Enabled by your parts and technology, Turkish-manufactured UAVS have wrought untold devastation against civilian populations, resulting in the destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, and religious sites, and the forced displacement of over 60% of the region’s indigenous population. Azerbaijan has perpetrated vast human rights abuses, as documented by leading human rights watchdogs Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, including the use of illegal cluster munitions and white phosphorus against civilian populations.

Azerbaijan’s aggression – aided and abetted by its Turkish and ISIS allies – against the civilian population of Artsakh has been condemned by the International Association of Genocide Scholars. In many respects, Turkey and Azerbaijan are today continuing the Armenian Genocide of 1915, a point of pride for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has said publicly that he is “going to finish what his grandfathers started.”

As you may know, in recent weeks, technology manufacturers and international corporations – including ViaSat, Mercury Public Affairs, DLA Piper and the Livingston Group – have ended their associations with the Turkish and Azerbaijani governments. I ask you, today, to do the same.

Thank you for your urgent attention to my request. I look forward to sharing your response with my community and colleagues.

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