Prime Minister Issues Instruction at Cabinet Meeting

National Assembly cabinet meeting on October 27, 2016 (Photo:

National Assembly cabinet meeting on October 27, 2016 (Photo:

YEREVAN—Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan issued instruction to the National Assembly during a regular cabinet meeting held on Thursday, reported the government’s official website. Discussion included Armenia’s water use and hydropower plants, accessible public services, and financial assistance to Syrian-Armenian students and to those affected by the Moscow-Yerevan bus accident.

The agenda assumed with direction to the Ministers of Nature Protection, Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources to “submit proposals to the National Water Council on the current situation in the field of water use permits and operating licenses granted to small hydropower plants.”

Karapetyan underlined the vitality of a new proposal submission:

  1. To revise the small hydropower plants development plan which was approved at the Cabinet meeting in January 2009.
  2. To issue “new water use permits for construction of new hydropower plants in the basins of the rivers Akhurian, Dzoraget-Debed, Azat, Arpa, Vorotan.”
  3. “To understand the tariff policy in the field of new pricing mechanisms for small hydropower plants in order to mitigate the environmental problems.”

The meeting then discussed financially aiding the 37 Armenian families affected by the Moscow-Yerevan bus accident which occurred on October 14. The meeting decided to allocate 1.5 million AMD to each family and 200-700 thousand AMD to those undergoing medical treatment.

In addition, the National Assembly will allocate money from the annual budget to 400 Syrian Armenian students living in Armenia who need reimbursement for tuition fees.

A public services reform will also be launched by the Prime Minister to make private entities—Haypost, Ardshinbank, Ameriabank and Converse Bank—more accessible to citizens living in in remote, rural areas.

The Prime Minister stated that the National Assembly Standing Commitees’ 2017 State Budget debate will take place on October 31.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Prime Minister Issues Instruction at Cabinet Meeting

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