Dear Friend,


See for yourself.


It’s all there – in red.

Our sacred Artsakh, emptied of Armenians (in light red).


Sovereign Armenian land occupied by Azerbaijan (in blood red).


This April as we pray for the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, thirty-one Armenian villages are under the control of Ilham Aliyev.


As I write, Azerbaijan is invading Armenia’s borders – demanding the unilateral turnover of key “exclaves,” vital transportation and energy hubs that connect blockaded Armenia to the world.


Azerbaijani bulldozers are destroying what remains of our Armenian heritage in Artsakh – celebrating the desecration of our sacred churches and cemeteries, demolishing historic sites and even Artsakh’s iconic Parliament building.


You know as well as I do that they’ll do the same in Armenia – given the chance.


Make no mistake: The Turks are hell-bent on finishing the genocide they started in 1915.


You can see it every single day, in the cross-border Azerbaijani attacks that take the lives of brave Armenian soldiers.


You hear it in Ilham Aliyev’s pan-Turkic threats to invade, ethnically-cleanse, and occupy Armenia.


Starting with Syunik. Then Gegharkunik, Vayots Dzor, Tavush – and eventually Yerevan (or the “Erivan Khanate” of “Western Azerbaijan” as Aliyev calls it).


That’s why – having occupied Artsakh – they’re strengthening military positions on strategic heights across sovereign Armenian territory – preparing for renewed attacks and a full scale invasion.


That’s the plan.


It always has been.


Since the times of Abdulhamid, Taalat Pasha, and Kemal Atataruk.


Their “final solution” is an Armenia without Armenians.


Armenians without an Armenia.


You are seeing this play out in real-time, with the Turks leveraging each Armenian loss, locking in every unilateral Armenian concession.


In the name of “peace” they’ll continue seizing Armenian soil, security and sovereignty – until there is nothing left to surrender. Nothing left at all.


This cannot – and must not – be our destiny.


Our generation must not – will not – be the last to have a homeland.


Today, more than ever, we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters, as a second army of the Armenian nation.


We must fight to hold Azerbaijan accountable – enforcing sanctions, stopping arms sales, punishing war crimes, and creating a safe and viable path for the secure return of indigenous Armenians to Artsakh.


To fight and win these battles – against such vicious enemies – we need your renewed faith and generous financial support.


So please take a moment today and donate – whatever you can – to help us stop the flow of U.S. arms and aid to genocidal Azerbaijan’s oil-rich Aliyev family.


We need your renewed financial support this April –any amount at all – to get America on the right side of Armenia’s survival.


With your help, we can prevent the loss of Syunik and stop the surrender of yet more land to Azerbaijan.


Your April donation will provide us with the resources to rally our community, leverage coalition partners, engage faith-based friends, and mobilize our Congressional allies to:


— Stop all U.S. military assistance to oil-rich Azerbaijan


— Send American humanitarian aid for Artsakh refugees


— Defend the right of Artsakh Armenians to return in safety


— Hold Aliyev and Erdogan accountable for their war crimes


As always, your generosity drives our progress on each of these fronts, advancing our urgent policy priorities while fueling our growing array of ANCA youth programs empowering our next generation of leaders – from high schoolers and university students to recent college graduates.


I’ve enclosed some photos of our recent youth programs for your review. (I would very much value your feedback about how we can better empower our next generation. They are our future!)


So today – with the stakes for our homeland higher than ever – I am personally asking you to help fund our work for the rest of this year with a generous April donation.


Whether you give in memory of a loved one, as tribute to our sacred heritage, in service to our at-risk homeland, or as an investment in our future – please do give this April.


Accept my love and respect in this season of reflection, rebirth, and new hope as we pray for our hallowed dead and rededicate ourselves to a better future for our sacred Armenian nation.



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