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2020 Grade

Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Resolution, S.Res.150? Yes
Cosponsored the Azerbaijan Human Rights / Arms Ban Resolution, S.Res.754? Yes
Cosponsored the Turkey Human Rights / Arms Ban Resolution, S.Res.755? Yes
Signed the 2020 Letter Condemning Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks? Yes
Signed the 2020 Letter Supporting Artsakh De-Mining? Yes
Signed the 2019 Letter Supporting Artsakh De-Mining? No
Signed the 2020 Letter to the Library of Congress Urging them to Properly Categorize the Armenian Genocide? Yes
Issued a 2020 Statement Calling for Artsakh Recognition? No
Issued a 2020 Statement Condemning Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks on Armenia/Artsakh? Yes
Issued an April 24th Statement Marking the Armenian Genocide in 2019/2020? Yes

04/24/20 - Sen. Booker tweeted "Today marks 105 years since 1.5 million Armenians were victims of a genocide. On Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, we honor their memory and renew our duty to continue speaking out against such unconscionable atrocities so that they never happen again." View the tweet here.

12/13/19 - Sen. Booker tweeted "I stand w/ the Armenian community in NJ & across the US—we must never forget what happened. We must remember the 1.5 million lives lost. And we must ensure this never happens again. Thanks to @SenatorMenendez’s leadership, this long overdue resolution passed in the Senate." View the tweet here.

11/13/19 - Sen. Booker tweeted "Between invading Syria, jailing reporters, eroding Turkey’s democracy—& now new reports of war crimes against Syrian civilians—there’s no reason to roll out the red carpet for Erdogan. Trump, stop capitulating to autocrats & start standing up for our national security & values." View the tweet here.

10/25/19 - Sen. Booker posted the following to Facebook: "There have been many low points of the Trump administration, but the President’s decision earlier this month to withdraw troops from Syria has recklessly and dangerously put our country and allies in immediate and irreversible peril.

Over the past three weeks, our allies the Kurds, who have been fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East with us over the past seven years, have been slaughtered, raped, and stoned. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and as humanitarian organizations pull out of the area, women and children are bearing the brunt of the conflict.

All of this carnage and chaos because, with 280 characters, the President unilaterally decided to abruptly withdraw American troops from the Turkey-Syria border (let’s also be clear, those troops are not coming home to American soil – they’re being redeployed elsewhere in the Middle East, where our total fighting force numbers roughly 60,000).

By completely abandoning our ally in the fight against ISIS, we’ve created a giant vacuum that our fiercest global enemies – Iran, Russia, Syria, and ISIS – have already begun to fill. Just this week, Russia, Turkey, and Syria forged a deal to push out the Kurds and assume control of our previous military positions. The new, powerbroker in this arrangement is now unmistakably Russia, as the Trump Administration, yet again, inexplicably bolsters Russia’s leverage and foothold in the region.

Meanwhile, Syria's leader, Bashar al-Assad, a savage war criminal who has massacred his own people with lethal poison gas, has waltzed into the territory previously held by the Kurds and the U.S. without firing a shot or making any concessions, amassing a key area to strengthen his ruthless regime. He couldn't have scripted the scenario better if he wrote it himself.

Next door neighbor Iran is emboldened by the lack of a U.S. presence in the region and the growing strength of its ally, Bashar al-Assad.

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve given a “get out of jail free” card to ISIS fighters and their families, thousands of whom escaped from jails in northeastern Syria in the ensuing chaos created by the sudden U.S. withdrawal. Contrary to what the President often says, ISIS has *not* been defeated, and thanks to our withdrawal, it now has the opportunity to re-establish its power and terror around the world.

In a matter of hours, the President completely upended a security coalition that took years to build, destabilized an already volatile region, weakened U.S. national security, and strengthened our fiercest foes.

We can disagree over whether, and how, to bring troops home, but surely the process does not involve re-empowering terrorists and getting outmaneuvered by our adversaries. This reckless, myopic decision will have serious ramifications on U.S. national security for decades to come." View the Facebook post here.
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