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2016 Grade

Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Resolution (S.Res.140)? Yes
Cosponsored Legislation Condemning the Genocide Against Christians and Other Minorities in the Middle East (S.Res.340)? Yes
Signed the March, 2015 Armenian Genocide Centennial Letter to President Obama? Yes
Offered Remarks in 2015 / 2016 in Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide in the Senate? No
Participated in the 2015 / 2016 Capitol Hill Commemorations of the Armenian Genocide? No

02/27/15 - Statement submitted for the Congressional Record on Sumgait - Madam President, I wish to recognize the victims of the mass murder of Armenians 27 years ago during the state-sponsored pogroms in Sumgait , Azerbaijan.

The citizens of Nagorno Karabakh peacefully petitioned to be reunited with Soviet Armenia and spoke out against the arbitrary borders established by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. This democratic exercise of free speech expressing a natural desire for self-determination was met with 3 days of violence and brutality against Armenian civilians, who were hunted down in their homes. Security forces in Soviet Azerbaijan turned a blind eye, allowing the mass murder of Armenians in a futile attempt to defeat this movement. The massacres of Armenians did not stop in Sumgait but were followed in other Azerbaijani towns such as Kirovabad in November 1988 and the capital Baku in January 1990. The U.S. Congress strongly condemned these massacres at that time. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians fled Azerbaijan, many finding their home in my State of Michigan, where there is a monument to the victims of the Sumgait massacres.

True democracies must respect the rights of the minority, allow citizens to peacefully speak freely, and protect the human rights of all residents. The people of Nagorno Karabakh and the victims of this senseless massacre played a critical role in promoting a democracy movement which helped to end the Soviet Union.

Today, I remember the victims and ask my colleagues and the American people to join me in honoring their memories.
10/15/2015 - Michael Messmer of Gephardt Group Government Affairs LLP e-mailed Jordan Wells from the office of Gary Peters regarding thank you

10/14/2015 - Michael Messmer of Gephardt Group Government Affairs LLP met with Jordan Wells from the office of Gary Peters regarding regional issues; US-Turkey relations

10/09/2015 - Michael Messmer of Gephardt Group Government Affairs LLP e-mailed Jordan Wells from the office of Gary Peters regarding meeting request to discuss regional issues; US-Turkey relations
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