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2010 Grade
Cosponsor of S.Res.316, the Genocide Resolution (111th Congress)? YES
Spoke on the Senate Floor in remembrance of the Arm. Genocide? YES
Cosigned letter to President Obama urging proper commemoration of Armenian Genocide? (March 2010) YES

04/24/09 - Remarks on the Armenian Genocide - Mr. President, today I join with my colleagues, my fellow Rhode Islanders, and the Armenian-American community to observe the 94th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

Each year, on April 24, it is fitting that we pause to remember and reflect on one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century, the systematic killing of Armenians. From 1915 through the end of 1923, nearly 1 1/2 million Armenians were killed and over half a million survivors were exiled.

The Armenian genocide demonstrated the evils humans are capable of, and unfortunately, it was only the first of several 20th century tragedies.

As we reflect and recall this tragic time, let us call for our own country to recognize the Armenian genocide, just as my own State of Rhode Island has done, along with many other States and governments.

Menk panav chenk mornar?We will never forget.
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