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2022 Grade

Cosponsored Resolution Condemning Azerbaijan’s Attack on Armenia in 9/22 (S.Res.797)? YES
Cosponsored Pro-Armenian Amendments to the FY23 NDAA? NO
Signed 2022 Letter Urging an End to U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan? NO
Signed 2021 Letter Urging President to Recognize Armenian Genocide? YES
Signed 2021/2022 Letter(s) Urging U.S. Funding for Artsakh Demining? NO
Issued a Statement Condemning Azerbaijan’s Attack on Armenia in 9/22? NO
Issued an April 24th Statement Marking the Armenian Genocide in 2021/2022? NO

09/14/22 - Sen. Reed tweeted "I'm deeply concerned about the escalation of shelling by Azerbaijani forces against Armenian troops & reports of civilian injuries in Nagorno-Karabakh. I urge an immediate ceasefire & a peaceful settlement to the conflict. U.S. & countries in the region should help defuse crisis." View the tweet here.

08/04/22 - Sen. Reed tweeted "These actions do nothing to further a lasting, durable peace in Nagorno-Karabakh which is the only path to stability and security in the region. I urge an immediate cessation of violence and return to the ceasefire agreed to in November of 2020." View the tweet here.

08/04/22 - Sen. Reed tweeted "I am deeply troubled by reports of a return to violence in Nagorno-Karabakh, especially the loss of life. For the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense to release footage of their air strike, as though it is something to be proud of, is reprehensible." View the tweet here.

04/26/21 - Sen. Reed posted the following to Facebook: "" View the Facebook post here.

04/24/21 - Sen. Reed tweeted "The genocide against Armenians that began 106 years ago was a crime against humanity. By affirming this historical truth, @POTUS has kept his promise & demonstrated a strong commitment to #humanrights. The U.S. stands w/ Armenians in remembering & recognizing #ArmenianGenocide." View the tweet here.
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