The ANCA closely tracks the performance of every incumbent Senator and Representative across a broad array of pro-Armenian legislative metrics, carefully scores and objectively grades each legislator, and then – as a public service to voters interested in factoring our insights into the diverse set of criteria they consider when voting – widely circulates non-biased, fact-driven, merit-based Report Cards and Endorsements each election cycle.

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Cosponsored the “Supporting Armenians Against Azerbaijani Aggression Act” (S.2900)? No
Cosponsored the “Armenian Protection Act” (S.3000)? Yes
Cosponsored resolution asserting congressional oversight over U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan (S.Res.540)? Yes
Cosponsored the Artsakh Blockade Resolution (S.Res.244)? Yes
Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Education Act (S.1329) No
Cosigned the Whitehouse/Magaziner Letter Demanding Azerbaijan Sanctions? Yes
Issued a Statement Condemning Azerbaijan’s Blockade of Artsakh? No

11/20/23 - Sen. Rubio tweeted "U.S. taxpayer dollars should not be going towards Azerbaijan, a nation that has brought instability to the region. My Senate colleagues agree and together we passed the Armenian Protection Act. Urging my colleagues on the House to do the same." View the tweet here.

10/06/23 - Sen. Rubio tweeted "Joined @SenGaryPeters in introducing a bill which would prevent our nation from further supporting Azerbaijan amid their unjust and unlawful attacks against Armenians." View the tweet here.

09/20/23 - Sen. Rubio tweeted "Issued a joint statement with @SenAlexPadilla following Azerbaijan’s unprovoked and unjustified military incursion in Nagorno-Karabakh against Armenians." View the tweet here.

06/09/23 - Sen. Rubio tweeted "Proud to join @SenAlexPadilla in the bipartisan resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s blockage of the Lachin Corridor. The U.S. must help end this humanitarian crisis." View the tweet here.
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