The ANCA closely tracks the performance of every incumbent Senator and Representative across a broad array of pro-Armenian legislative metrics, carefully scores and objectively grades each legislator, and then – as a public service to voters interested in factoring our insights into the diverse set of criteria they consider when voting – widely circulates non-biased, fact-driven, merit-based Report Cards and Endorsements each election cycle.

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Cosponsored Resolution Condemning Azerbaijan’s Attack on Armenia in 9/22 (S.Res.797)? NO
Cosponsored Pro-Armenian Amendments to the FY23 NDAA? NO
Signed 2022 Letter Urging an End to U.S. Military Aid to Azerbaijan? NO
Signed 2021 Letter Urging President to Recognize Armenian Genocide? YES
Signed 2021/2022 Letter(s) Urging U.S. Funding for Artsakh Demining? YES
Issued a Statement Condemning Azerbaijan’s Attack on Armenia in 9/22? NO
Issued an April 24th Statement Marking the Armenian Genocide in 2021/2022? NO

06/28/22 - Sen. Durbin tweeted "Our trip also happened to coincide with the major announcement that Turkey will drop its opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO. With these two nations in NATO, the organization will be much stronger and all the more prepared to counter Putin’s aggression." View the tweet here.

07/29/21 - Sen. Durbin tweeted "Today marks the 50th anniversary since Turkey closed the Halki Seminary. In 2009, I had the privilege of meeting the Ecumenical Patriarch to discuss the importance of Turkey allowing this important institution to finally reopen." View the tweet here.

04/23/21 - Sen. Durbin tweeted "It's time to end the tragic charade of pretending like the Ottoman Empire did not kill more than one million Armenians. It was a genocide and should be acknowledged as such. I urge President Biden to join Congress in officially recognizing the Armenian genocide.|I'm glad that Pres. Biden is going to refer on Saturday to the slaughter of Armenians as a genocide, at the risk of riling Turkey. If we couldn't speak bluntly about atrocities of a century ago, what hope would there be for truth about genocides today?…" View the tweet here.
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