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2014 Grade

Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Resolution, S. Res. 410? NO
Voted for the Armenian Genocide Resolution, S. Res. 410, in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? N/A
Cosponsored the Haiti Armenia Reforestation Act, S.1548? NO
Offered remarks in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide in the Senate? NO
Participated in Capitol Hill Commemorations of the Armenian Genocide? NO

07/09/14 - Statement submitted for the Congressional Record - Madam President, I congratulate my colleague from Iowa, a senior Member of this body, someone who is respected around the globe for being willing to meet fellow parliamentarians and to successfully put forward language that was adopted by consensus.

If I could mention a couple of other matters that pertain to this trip, First of all, it is interesting that the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, would be the host of this parliamentary assembly.

Azerbaijan is an important ally of the United States. I think it is important for Americans and for Members to know that their neighbor to the north is Russia and their neighbor to the south is Iran. This is a very tough neighborhood that our ally exists in. Yet they are oriented to the West. They are oriented to the United States. They want to be allies of ours. They were steadfast friends of ours in Afghanistan and have been during the entire time we have been there. They are steadfast allies of the Nation of Israel. Again, I think for a majority Muslim State such as Azerbaijan to take that stand in a troubling neighborhood speaks well of them. There are steps we wish they would take further toward transparency and openness and the rule of law, and maybe their elections weren?t all we hoped for in the past, but they are an ally that continues to make progress. So I salute our host nation.

05/13 - Made special video message to praise Azerbaijan for SOCAR conf in DC. Said that he spoke at last year's conference.
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