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2020 Grade

Cosponsored the Armenian Genocide Resolution, S.Res.150? Yes
Cosponsored the Azerbaijan Human Rights / Arms Ban Resolution, S.Res.754? No
Cosponsored the Turkey Human Rights / Arms Ban Resolution, S.Res.755? No
Signed the 2020 Letter Condemning Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks? No
Signed the 2020 Letter Supporting Artsakh De-Mining? Yes
Signed the 2019 Letter Supporting Artsakh De-Mining? Yes
Signed the 2020 Letter to the Library of Congress Urging them to Properly Categorize the Armenian Genocide? No
Issued a 2020 Statement Calling for Artsakh Recognition? No
Issued a 2020 Statement Condemning Azerbaijan/Turkey Attacks on Armenia/Artsakh? No
Issued an April 24th Statement Marking the Armenian Genocide in 2019/2020? No

12/02/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "I'm demanding answers from the Trump administration about reports that Trump and his lackeys shaped U.S. domestic policy to benefit Turkey's President Erdogan. The American people need to know if Trump is prioritizing favors for dictators over the well-being of the country.|After Michael Flynn's Pardon, Senator @RonWyden Grills Trump Officials on Pursuit of Turkish-Born Cleric… via @lawcrimenews" View the tweet here.

10/29/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "I’ve been investigating Donald Trump interfering in a criminal investigation as a favor to Turkey. Officials believe Halkbank illegally funded Iran’s nuclear program, but Trump tried to let it off the hook. As usual, he put his business and buddies ahead of the American people.|JUST POSTED: After President Erdogan of Turkey squeezed President Trump to shut down a criminal investigation into a Turkish bank, the Justice Department moved in ways that answered Erdogan’s pleas, an investigation by NYT has found. With @BenWeiserNYT…" View the tweet here.

08/26/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Bolton must tell the Senate exactly what Trump told him to do after Turkish President Erdogan urged Trump to interfere in the criminal investigation of sanctions evasion by Turkish state-owned Halkbank – the largest scheme ever." View the tweet here.

06/18/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "For the last year, I’ve been investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to interfere in the criminal investigation into Turkish-owned Halkbank. This damning new evidence corroborates what my investigation has uncovered to date." View the tweet here.

06/18/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "If John Bolton has an interest in serving his country, as opposed to selling books, he will respond promptly to my forthcoming request for more information about Donald Trump’s relationship with Turkey." View the tweet here.

02/15/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "NEW: I've been investigating Trump's interference in the investigation into Turkish-owned Halkbank, and my suspicions were just confirmed. Attorney General Barr — at Trump’s request — was trying to orchestrate a sweetheart deal to please President Erdogan.
" View the tweet here.

02/03/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "For months, I’ve been investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to interfere in the criminal investigation into Turkish-owned Halkbank. Today, I’m demanding answers from Attorney General William Barr on his involvement in this ongoing scandal." View the tweet here.

02/03/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Just weeks after @USTreasury confirmed to me that Trump directed Steve Mnuchin to intervene in the investigation, John Bolton confirmed my concerns that Trump has been granting personal favors to the autocratic leader of Turkey. He must be held accountable." View the tweet here.

01/29/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Donald Trump has been carrying water for President Erdogan and Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank. This is more evidence that Trump’s loyalties lie only with himself and his cronies" View the tweet here.

01/28/20 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "After I opened an investigation into whether Donald Trump meddled in the criminal investigation into Turkish-owned Halkbank, @USTreasury confirmed that Steve Mnuchin was tasked with intervening in the investigation to benefit Pres. Erdogan. AG Barr was given the same direction. Quote Tweet" View the tweet here.

07/23/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Always a pleasure to run into my friends @EnesKanter and @SenMarkey. I look forward to working with my colleagues from Massachusetts to help Enes in his advocacy against President Erdogan’s authoritarianism." View the tweet here.

05/14/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "@Enes_Kanter your right to freely and courageously express your views in the face of bullies like Erdogan can never be in question" View the tweet here.

05/13/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "@Enes_Kanter the strength shown by you and your mom is an inspiration for all of us in #RipCity. We are listening. We won’t back down to Turkey’s authoritarian government and we won’t stop fighting until you are reunited with your family." View the tweet here.

05/07/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Even conservatives acknowledge that Turkey is becoming an autocracy. Erdogan is setting the country back 100 years" View the tweet here.

04/24/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Today I join in remembering the countless lives lost during the Armenian Genocide.We must call genocide by its name and fight the forces who would deny historical truth, so we may do everything in our power to stop these tragedies in the future." View the tweet here.

03/24/19 - Sen. Wyden posted the following to Facebook: "Enes Kanter has guts, on and off the court. As a Turkish citizen, he has spoken out against Erdogan’s oppressive regime, and now the Turkish government is targeting Kanter and his family.

Since the Trump administration refuses to stand up to bullies, I’m calling on Secretary Pompeo to demand that the administration stand up against this thin-skinned dictator." View the Facebook post here.

03/18/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "Inspired after meeting @Enes_Kanter tonight to keep up the fight to protect him & his family from Turkish retribution for freely expressing his views. #RipCity knows how to stand up to bullies like Erdogan" View the tweet here.

03/12/19 - Sen. Wyden tweeted "@Enes_Kanter & his family are being targeted by the Turkish government for exercising their right to free speech. Erdogan has responded like many thin-skinned autocrats before him, by going after Enes & his family. I shared his story on the Senate floor." View the tweet here.
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