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Dear Friend,


They’re ethnically cleansing Artsakh.


As you read this they’re forcing families from their homes.

Strangling Artsakh – cutting off water, food, roads, and fuel.


Destroying churches, desecrating graves, demolishing khatchkars.


With a knife at Artsakh’s throat, they’re seizing the Lachin corridor, Artsakh’s lifeline to Armenia.


Driving Armenians from our ancient, indigenous homeland.


Artsakh today. Then Syunik in the south. Eventually, the rest of Armenia. That’s always been their aim:

Armenia without Artsakh


Armenia without Armenians


And then no Armenia at all

Patriotic Armenians like you – living in our homeland and spread across America and our global diaspora – are all that stand in the way of their Pan-Turkish ambitions to attack, empty, and erase our homeland.


That’s why we’re going on the offensive in Washington, securing Congressional passage of bipartisan measures, in just the past few weeks:


— Holding Aliyev accountable for war crimes in Artsakh


— Demanding Azerbaijan’s release of Armenian POWs


— Investigating abuses of U.S. military aid to Azerbaijan


— Securing U.S. assistance for de-mining Artsakh


— Blocking the sale of U.S. F-16 fighter jets to Turkey


Each of these align with our core ANCA mission – the North Star of the Armenian Cause – saving Artsakh and strengthening Armenia.


It’s no surprise that a recent poll found 98% of Armenians in America identify Turkey and Azerbaijan as “existential threats” to Armenia. It’s no secret either. Erdogan and Aliyev brag about finishing the “Work of 1915.” They’ve made their views clear. And so have we:


— Not a single tax dollar should be sent to oil-rich Azerbaijan


— Not a single U.S. weapons system should be sold to Turkey


— Not a single Azerbaijani war crime should be unpunished


— Not a single Armenian POW should remain imprisoned


As much as you help us fight for these urgent policy priorities, you’re also investing in tomorrow by empowering our community’s youth.


We just held our ANCA Haroutioun and Elizabeth Kasparian Summer Academy for high-schoolers, and are proud of the record number of university students in this summer’s ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship.


We held two sessions of ANCA Rising Leaders training seminars this year, and will soon start the fall season of our signature ANCA Hovig Apo Saghdejian Capital Gateway job placement program for recent graduates.


We’ve trained thousands of community leaders and placed hundreds more in policy-making, political, and media jobs across Washington, DC. (I’ve shared some photos, and can send more if you like.)


All our ANCA youth programs (anca.org/youth) are based out of the Aramian House, the ANCA’s landmark eight-bedroom property located in the heart of the nation’s capital.


We are working hard and smart – in the best of our Armenian tradition – but desperately need your renewed financial support.


Which is why I am turning to you today for $10, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.


You know the stakes. I don’t need to tell you the dangers we face.


Simply stated, your donation to the ANCA Endowment Fund’s educational work (tax-deductible) or the ANCA’s advocacy (not tax-deductible) is needed now more than ever.


Please stay in touch. I always look forward to hearing from you. Write me any time at aram@anca.org or call my direct line at (202) 742-8700.



PS – I have been heartened by the thousands of families from all 50 U.S. states that have already chipped in, and equally encouraged by the countless thoughtful comments we continue to receive from across our community. We truly value your feedback, so please do drop me a note at aram@anca.org.

Your generosity empowers our advocacy, inspires our work, and sustains our momentum.