U.S. Embassy Regrets Andreasyan’s Resignation as Ombudsman

Former Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan. (Soure: Photolure)

Former Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan. (Soure: Photolure)

The US Embassy in Armenia has issued a statement on the resignation of Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan:

“We note with regret Karen Andreasyan’s decision to step down as Armenia’s Human Rights Ombudsman.  He has been a tireless and effective champion for those who were defenseless; those who feared their voices might be silenced if they voiced unpopular messages; and any Armenian who fought for his or her rights as a citizen to be respected.  We wish him the greatest success in his future endeavors.  He will remain a friend, colleague, and contact of the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Government.

Andreasyan’s work was buttressed by the professionalism and dedication of the staff at the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman.  One of Andreasyan’s lasting legacies will undoubtedly be the expansion of the number, and the quality, of staff at this invaluable Armenian institution, which we trust will continue to serve the best interests of the Armenian public under his successor.  We are committed to maintaining our close cooperation and partnership with the Office and its staff on issues related to the protection of human rights in Armenia.  We look forward to working with the new Human Rights Ombudsman.

The United States remains dedicated to working with the Armenian Government and our Armenian partners to advance the cause of democratic development and human rights in Armenia.  Our ultimate goal has been, and will remain, a democratic and prosperous Armenia, living in security and peace with its neighbors.”

Source: Asbarez
Link: U.S. Embassy Regrets Andreasyan’s Resignation as Ombudsman

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