Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (April 2, 2016)

Armenian Proverb


A dress that is not worn wears itself out.


Chinese Wisdom on Civility


You ask me why I greet the priest,

But not his god;

The god sits mute; the man at least

Returns my nod


Perception and Conception


We can all perceive the difference between ourselves and our inferiors, but when it comes to a question of the difference between us and our superiors we fail to appreciate merits of which we have no proper conceptions.


… James Fenimore Cooper, The American Democrat


His Hirsute Suit


A bristling beard was his peculiarity:

He kissed. She thought it smacked of insincerity,

And bridling up remarked with great severity,

‘Such misdemeanors are, I trust, a rarity;

Also your face, besides its angularity,

Is hidden in a razorless asperity:

Were it not so, I call it great temerity—

Our walks in life are not upon a parity.’


Wherefore he shaved, to give his chin the purity

It knew ere he emerged from his minority.

The razor, naked, with no guard’s security,

Slipped. Gizzard cut, he joined the great majority.

Where he will pass the eons of futurity—

Above—below—I can’t say with authority.


… Frank Sidgwick


What’s in a Name?


Adalian: Turkish in derivation, identified as a descriptive term, adali is defined as muscular.

Source: Armenian Weekly
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