AESA Helps Fund Armenian Geophysical Monitoring Network

YEREVAN—The Armenian government has allocated a grant to the A. Alikhanian National Laboratory (AANL) to establish a network for monitoring essential geophysical parameters. The project, conducted by the Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) of AANL, is funded with the support of the Michigan chapter of the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA–MI).

The growing influence of various dynamic processes in the atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetosphere on human civilization is becoming more and more noteworthy. This is due, among other reasons, to the steady increase in frequency and severity of climate anomalies and extreme weather events.

The comprehensive monitoring and prediction of potentially dangerous processes in both atmosphere and the magnetosphere (the Earth’s magnetic field) is important for evaluating risk in various areas of the economy. It will help ensure the safety of existing and emerging complex technical facilities (including nuclear), the destruction of which will have a catastrophic impact and lasting effect on the environment and on living conditions.

The monitoring and prediction of potentially hazardous processes in the atmosphere of the Earth are essential for military defense systems, including management and control networks, the functioning of communication and other electronic equipment, power systems, and the planning and implementation of military intelligence and tactical operations.

Armenia’s research priorities in the field of climate and atmospheric physics include building a network of high-tech sensors and monitoring systems for the main geophysical parameters; ensuring continuous operation of the network and forwarding data in real time to database servers; and the establishment of systems for data transfer and storage, together with tools for multidimensional visualization and statistical analysis.

Geophysical investigations at the global level will increase the scientific and technological potential of Armenia in accordance with the priorities of Armenian scientists, and will lay the grounds for awareness and readiness to respond to unprecedented challenges of 21st century.

The Michigan and California chapters of the AESA have been extremely instrumental in supporting the activities of the Cosmic Ray Division of the Yerevan Physics Institute.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: AESA Helps Fund Armenian Geophysical Monitoring Network

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