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Your end-of-year donation will leverage our community’s collective political influence to deliver large-scale U.S. humanitarian aid and advance each of our urgent pro-Armenian priorities:

Humanitarian/Development Assistance for Artsakh

— An initial package of at least $250 million in U.S. emergency aid (housing, healthcare, COVID-19, food, unexploded ordnance, etc.) for Artsakh, followed by large-scale appropriated reconstruction program to facilitate the safe and sustainable return of Armenian refugees.

— A new Millennium Challenge Corporation compact of at least $200 million for Armenia to support science, technology, and engineering education. (This will require a mid-term World Bank reevaluation of Armenia’s current ineligibility as a Middle Income Country.)

— U.S. support for an international donor conference to rebuild Artsakh and American backing for grants, low-interest loans, and zero interest credits from global financial institutions.


— U.S. leadership in demanding the immediate release of Armenian civilians and soldiers held by Azerbaijan.

— Legal accountability for the torture and abuse of Armenian captives by Azerbaijani forces.


— U.S. recognition of Artsakh, based on relevant national and international laws, Artsakh’s established history as an integral part of the Armenian homeland, and the right to remedial secession as an urgent requirement of Artsakh’s survival.

— U.S. re-engagement in the OSCE Minsk Group to roll back the disastrous terms and timelines forced on Armenians by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

— The immediate withdrawal by the White House waiver of Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act, a provision of U.S. law that prohibits U.S. aid to the government of Azerbaijan, followed by a Congressional roll-back of its Section 907 waiver authority.

— An Administration declaration that the U.S. is ending its security aid program to Baku that has delivered over $120 million in assistance to the Azerbaijan military.

— Consistent with sanctions adopted by the Netherlands, U.S. enforcement of Global Magnitsky sanctions against the Erdogan and Aliyev regimes for serious human rights abuses during Azerbaijan’s aggression against Artsakh.

— U.S. policy rejecting any and all new requests for arms export licenses to Turkey or Azerbaijan based, in part, on the discovery of parts and technology from U.S. firms and subsidiaries in Turkish weapons used by Azerbaijan to attack Armenians.

— Criminal and civil legal action against U.S. firms whose parts (see below) were discovered in Turkish/ Azerbaijani weapons used to kill Armenian civilians.

— GPS Navigation Unit: Garmin (Olathe, KS)

— Field Programmable Gate Arrays Chip: Xilinx (San Jose, CA)

— GPS Receiver: Trimble Navigation (Sunnyvale, CA)

— Sealed Fuel Reservoir: Beringer (Greenville, SC)

— Airborne Modem Transceiver: ViaSat (Carlsbad, CA)

— Antenna: Comant Industries (Fullerton, CA)

— Stub Bus Coupler: MilesTek (Lewisville, TX)

— Radar Altimeter: SmartMicro (Irvine, CA subsidiary of German firm)

— Optical Unit: WesCam (Orlando, FL subsidiary of Canadian firm)

— Fuel Filter: Hengst (Camden, SC subsidiary of German firm)

— U.S. leadership in suspending Azerbaijan’s access to SWIFT – a global network that enables major financial institutions to securely transmit high-value cross-border payment information. This suspension should target the Central Bank of Azerbaijan and other institutions involved in financing Azerbaijan’s war crimes.


— U.S aid to document, monitor, protect, and preserve churches and other Armenian holy and cultural sites in areas of Artsakh currently under Azerbaijani military control.

— Legal accountability for Azerbaijan’s systematic desecration of Armenian holy sites and cultural heritage.

U.S-Armenia Relations:

— Reset U.S.-Armenia relations, starting with the recall of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy for her complete failure to adequately represent the United States during Azerbaijan’s attack on Artsakh and Armenia.

Congressional Legislation:

— The adoption of S.Res.754 and S.Res.755, documenting abuses and aggression committed by Turkey and Azerbaijan; H.Res.1165, Condemning Turkey and Azerbaijan, and; H.Res.1203, recognizing Artsakh’s right to self-determination.

— Robust U.S. reconstruction and development assistance for Artsakh in the FY22 State-Foreign Operations bill.

Turkish/Azerbaijani Lobbies

— Pressure on the BGR Group and other companies still lobbying for Turkey and Azerbaijan to follow the lead of Mercury, DLA Piper, and the Livingston Group in dropping these corrupt, abusive, and aggressive clients.

Your generosity empowers our advocacy, inspires our work, and sustains our momentum.