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2010 Grade
Cosponsor of S.Res.316, the Genocide Resolution (111th Congress)? YES
Spoke on the Senate Floor in remembrance of the Arm. Genocide? NO
Cosigned letter to President Obama urging proper commemoration of Armenian Genocide? (March 2010) YES

10/3/10 - Published letter to the editor in the Washington Post defending his hold on Bryza's nomination, writing "I stand by my position that Mr. Bryza is the wrong person for the job . . . . It is based on inoformation that I believe raises concerns about Mr. Bryza's ability to remain impartial toward Azerbaijan and Turkey, including his opposition to the recognition of the Armenian genocide by Turkey and his close ties to individuals in both governments. . . . Finally, at the core of my opposition to Mr. Bryza's nomination is respect for the Armenian people. The Armenian genocide was one of the great atrocities of modern history. We should not be sending a top diplomat to the region who does not support recognition of what is considered among historians to be the first modern genocide. Nor should The Post label the Armenian National Committee of America as "noxious" simply for demanding recognition of this historical fact."

09/10 - Sen. Menendez was viciously attacked in Wall Street Journal and Washington Post editorials for helping stop the nomination of Mr. Bryza to be Ambassador to Azerbaijan.

09/21/10 - Voted and spoke against the nomination of Matthew Bryza to be Ambassador to Azerbaijan in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and joined Sen. Boxer's hold on his nomination, because of concerns about his ability to remain impartial toward Azerbaijan and his opposition to Armenian Genocide resolutions.

07/10 - Submitted two rounds of written questions to Matthew Bryza to be Ambassador to Azerbaijan. Questions concerned a possible conflict of interest and measures which were being taken to ensure there were no conflicts; Mr. Bryza's actions in response to Azerbaijan's videotaped demolition of an ancient Armenian cemetery in Djulfa; Mr. Bryza's commitment to highlighting Armenian cultural patrimony in Azerbaijan and protecting such sites; the exclusion of Nagorno Karabakh from the OSCE Minsk Group peace process; and Mr. Bryza's opposition to the Armenian Genocide resolution. To see all questions, visit:

07/23/10 - Forcefully questioned Matthew Bryza at his confirmation hearing to be Ambassador to Azerbaijan, concerning his possible role in the dismissal of Ambassador John Evans for honestly speaking about the Armenian Genocide, Mr. Bryza's failure to forcefully condemn the demolition of an Armenian cemetery in Azerbaijan; Azerbaijani aggressions against Nagorno Karabakh; and Nagorno Karabakh's right to self determination. To watch video, visit

10/21/09 - Sen. Menendez introduced the Armenian Genocide resolution (S.Res. 316) as the lead sponsor.

03/09 - After questioning Phil Gordon during his confirmation hearing to be Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Sen. Menendez submitted over 20 written questions concerning his position on the Armenian Genocide, Turkey's blockade, Nagorno Karabakh, free speech in Turkey, commitment to fighting against genocide, President Obama's pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide, Cyprus, and the Ecumenical Patriarch. In his responses to Senator Menendez, Gordon revealed that he hoped that the "Turkey-Armenia border will be reopened" by October 2009. To read all the questions, visit Sen. Menendez abstained from voting in favor of Gordon's nomination.

3/26/09 - Forcefully questioned Phil Gordon during his confirmation hearing to be Assistant Secretary of State for Europe on his past opposition to the Armenian Genocide resolution, noting that "I am concerned, when there is a veto by a foreign government over domestic policies of the United States, including the Congress. I have a real concern for those in positions of authority, who would seek to fashion that." To see video of questioning, visit

01/13/09 - At Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing to be Secretary of State, Sen. Menendez urged her to honor her past support for Armenian Genocide recognition. Sen. Menendez stated: "I hope that the support that you gave while you were a Senator to the question of the Armenian Genocide, that the President-Elect has himself supported, recognition of that. You know, if we are to say never again, part of that is ultimately the recognition of what has happened so that we can move forward. And I hope that you will be an advocate of having us get off of where we have been and move forward to a recognition of that part of history that is universally recognized so that we can move forward in that respect." To watch the video, visit
10/21/2009 - Janice O'Connell of the Gephardt Group Government Affairs, LLC emailed Mark Lopes regarding Cyprus.
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