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Dear friend,

The President of the United States just joined the Senate and House in officially rejecting Turkey’s century-long gag-rule against honest remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.

That’s a tribute to our community’s power and persistence.

A step toward the justice owed AND the security required for Armenia’s survival.

And a much needed pivot – in the wake of Azerbaijan’s Turkish-backed attack last year – toward U.S. policies that confront Erdogan’s aggression and counter Aliyev’s genocidal drive to finish the work of 1915, to destroy Artsakh and the entire Armenian nation.

       If you’re proud of all we’ve accomplished together.

       If you support our smart, aggressive pro-Armenian advocacy.

       If, like me, you worry about the growing threats to our very

Then please contribute today to make sure we can continue fighting:

       — To deliver JUSTICE for the Armenian Genocide
       — To strengthen and protect our HOMELAND
       — To secure HUMANITARIAN AID for Artsakh
       — To SANCTION both Aliyev and Erdogan
       — To end MILITARY SALES to Baku and Ankara
       — To protect our Armenian CHURCHES
       — To free all Armenian PRISONERS

Thank you for your faith, your friendship, and your generous financial support.


Aram Hamparian

P.S. Please accept my heartfelt thanks, and – as always – feel free to email me at aram@anca.org.

Your generosity empowers our advocacy, inspires our work, and sustains our momentum.