Nov 11, 2019

ANCA Leading Coalition Protest Of Erdogan-Trump White House Meeting
Chairman Engel Leads Bi-Partisan Congressional Call to Rescind Erdogan Invitation; Rep. Cheney Rallies for First Amendment Rights of anti-Erdogan Protesters

Nov 7, 2019

Senator Menendez Calls for Immediate Passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution, Turkey Sanctions
 Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Risch Announces Delay in Committee Consideration on Eve of Erdogan Visit; ANCA Continues Nationwide Campaign for S.Res.150

Nov 4, 2019

ANCA Welcomes U.S. Embassy Announcement of $60 Million in Armenia Assistance for 2019
Calls on Ambassador Tracy to Provide Public Accounting of Aid - Broken Down by Sponsoring Agency and Specific Programs

Oct 29, 2019

U.S. House Votes Overwhelmingly to Lock in Armenian Genocide Recognition, Rejecting Turkey’s Denial of This Crime
ANCA Supported Bipartisan Measure (H.Res.296) Integral to Establishing Principled U.S. Policy on the Armenian Genocide

Oct 29, 2019

Armenian Genocide Resolution Clears Key Hurdle to Historic U.S. House Vote on October 29th
ANCA Thanks Rules Committee Chairman, Encourages Continued Advocacy Until the Last Vote is Cast

Oct 28, 2019

U.S. House of Representatives to Cast Landmark Vote Overriding Turkey’s Veto on U.S. Recognition of Armenian Genocide
Bipartisan Measure (H.Res.296) Gains Momentum Following Turkey’s Invasion of Northern Syria

Oct 25, 2019

ANCA Joins Congressional Armenian Caucus in Welcoming U.S. House Vote to Lock in U.S. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Launches Nationwide H.Res.296 Congressional Call Campaign via ANCA.ORG/CALL

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