A Strong Start – Zepiour Shabani

June 28, 2011

It is the first week of my internship and I am feeling anxious. Not a nervous feeling but more of an excited, an energetically charged feeling that makes me think of the possibilities beyond old personal boundaries. My interest in current events, national and international affairs has a home within the grassroots organization of the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region. This is a very professional environment that sets the stage for future political or foreign affairs involvement and I am so lucky I applied.

This week so far I have met the six other interns named Anush P., Tsovinar, Joseph, Nayiri, Sebouh, Anush S., with various backgrounds but with some interests similar to mine, all hoping to cause some change for the many Armenian-Americans. The program administrators Haig Hovsepian and William Bairamian have been very welcoming giving each intern personal attention and guidance. Working with them will be a breeze since they are great people in general.

Some of the responsibilities the interns have are attending weekly workshops, including a resume writing workshop coming up next week, writing weekly ANCA-WR Blogs (this is my first one), media reviews once a week, monthly updates on what ANCA-WR is doing on a regional and national level to inform local chapters. Media reviews are a main focus for us interns and I am very sure before we leave we will become experts. We have been told that patience is a virtue in politics, which is perfect for me since that is one of my qualities, at times.

I am excited to see what unfolds during this internship and am diving in headfirst!

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