A Long Journey – Sebouh Kouyoumjian

July 1, 2011

As the second week of my internship has come to a close at the ANCA-WR summer program, I have already written a press release and started a weekly blog. I am ecstatic about working on my long-term project, which is based on the history of the ANCA-WR and its involvement in State Affairs. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with great staff members and an awesome group of young ambitious interns like myself. I believe this internship will help me better understand my Armenian roots and strengthen my Armenian identity. At an early age I lost touch with my Armenian culture. I had a rough childhood that impacted the formation of my character. I lived a lifestyle that was full of danger and violence. I was lost in a world of subcultures that dealt with gangs and drugs. The experiences of living in despair and having inadequate resources distorted my view on life. The results of my dangerous lifestyle led to many negative consequences I have been blessed in many ways to have a caring family and great church organizations that has helped me get my life back together. The struggles that I experienced helped me get closer to my roots and gave me a greater understanding of my Armenian heritage. All the struggles and obstacles that I have overcome have formed my personality and have created an individual who is ready to work hard to realize his objectives and learn. This internship will give me the chance to spread my wings and achieve my goals.

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