ANC Eastern Massachusetts Meets with Congressman Capuano

December 13, 2016

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Congressman Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) met with a delegation of constituents led by the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Eastern Massachusetts at his offices in Cambridge. Capuano re-affirmed his long-time commitment to champion Armenian issues and asked for information to better engage with his colleagues in Congress and the State Department, especially as concerns the self-determination of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh/NKR) and the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Armenia.

The ANC delegation requested the condemnation of Azeri aggression against Artsakh and shared details of the April war. Congressman Capuano asked about the Royce-Sherman letter that supports the Royce-Engel peace proposals, and agreed to add his name and his support, or to initiate his own advocacy in this regard.

The ANC raised a range of topics, including requesting increased aid to support Syrian refugees relocating to Armenia. It was explained how the small Christian country has absorbed one of the largest number of refugees per capita and how they are being resettled and integrated into the country, not kept in refugee camps as is done elsewhere.

Finally, the activists thanked Capuano for being a member of the Armenian Caucus and for his support of Armenian Genocide Recognition bills over the years. He warmly said that by bringing him diverse issues that concern our community, like Syrian refugees and Artsakh’s peace, he is able to work more effectively in building coalitions in Congress. He and his aide asked to be kept regularly informed, which shows his commitment to the Armenian community.

The visit was meant to reinforce the Greater Boston Armenian community’s ties with elected officials. The second objective was to include the youth, so that they see the process of connecting with members of Congress and how our relationships as constituents are the foundations of the ANC’s grass-roots advocacy.


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