Co-Sponsors include New York Society for Ethical Culture, Nation Institute and students groups at Harvard and MIT

March 4, 2006

In a critical look at foreign involvement and intervention in the Middle East, Robert Fisk will lecture on how the West has learned little from having supported some of the Middle East’s most brutal regimes and ruthless policies in pursuit of geo-political interests. He will speak at the New York Society for Ethical Culture located at 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West in New York City on April 8th at 7:30 p.m. A book signing will follow the event. More can be learned by going to

As one of the world’s best known journalists through his distinguished work as Middle East correspondent for the UK based The Independent, and author of Pity the Nation, and The Great War for Civilization, Fisk has informed the world about the Armenian Genocide more widely and thoroughly than any other journalist. He led the effort in Britain at The Independent to change the policy of not calling the events of 1915 genocide. As a result, other major British papers have followed suit. He has documented first hand evidence of the genocide by reporting on the existing remains of its victims in Syria, where the Young Turks used fires and caves in the world’s first gas chambers.

In his latest book, The Great War for Civilization, Fisk dedicates an entire chapter to the Armenian Genocide, which he titles “The First Holocaust.” He provides the historical details of the genocide, reveals interviews with survivors in Lebanon and decries the Turkish, Israeli and U.S. governments’ complicity in denying the genocide today.

On Sunday, he will travel to Boston and join Noam Chomsky at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to address an audience on the topic of “War, Geopolitics and History: Conflict in the Middle East.” Chomsky has stood up to the Turkish government for prosecuting authors and publishers based on intolerant policies towards free expression. The talk will take place on Sunday, April 9th at 1:30 p.m. in Room 10-250 on the MIT campus and is co-sponsored by student groups at Harvard and MIT as well as other organizations. More can be learned by going to


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