ANC Professional Network Mixer Supports ARS Sponsor-a-Child Orphan’s Program

January 2, 2003

Glendale, CA. – Holidays bring out the best in people, especially young Armenian-Americans looking for ways to better their community and culture. More than 220 Armenian American professionals from throughout Southern California showed their support for the Armenian National Committee Professional Network (ANC-PN) and the Armenian Relief Society’s Sponsor-a-Child Orphan’s program by attending the ANC-PN’s 2002 Holiday Mixer at Sidebar in Glendale.

All proceeds from the event went to sponsor orphans in Armenia and revamp a dilapidated orphanage in Artashat, Armenia. The ANC-PN collected over $2,400 and donated the proceeds to the ARS on Monday, December 30, 2002.

“The turn out at our Holiday Mixer was amazing” said Jeannine Topalian, an ANC-PN Executive Committee member. “Once attendees heard that proceeds were going to a good cause, they were glad to make the donation. Some people even donated more than the recommended amount once they heard about the orphanage and the ARS programs.”

The mixer began at 8:00 p.m and lasted until the early hours of Friday morning. Attendees were networking and talking about various Armenian American issues. “At several points in the evening, our event was at capacity,” says Pattyl Aposhian, an ANC-PN Executive Committeemember. “People were standing shoulder to shoulder and smiling ear to ear. Not only did attendees have a good time, but they contributed to a great cause.”

“The committee decided to donate all the proceeds to the Sponsor-a–Child Orphan’s program because of our strong belief in helping Armenian organizations,” said Topalian. “The ANC-PN represents a large number of Armenian American professionals and believes that our generation is dedicated to the Armenian Cause.”

Proceeds from the event helped to sponsor two 14-year old Armenian orphans, Arman and Lucine ($130 funds an orphan for a year). The ANC-PN will sponsor Arman and Lucine until the age of 18. The rest of the funds were donated to the ARS’s general orphanage fund, which is collecting donations to reconstruct an entire orphanage in the city of Artashat.

“The children (in Armenian orphanages) do not have clean drinking water,” said Sonia Peltekian, president of ARS Western Region. “They drink water from a tin can and have to raise a rusted nail to release the water from the tin can. Can you imagine the sanitation level of the water?”

The ANC-PN and the ARS thank everyone for their support and efforts. It was a great opportunity to contribute to a wonderful Armenian cause during the holiday season when the true meaning of giving and receiving is often ambiguous and misinterpreted.

Individuals interested in learning more about the ANC-PN or the ARS Sponsor-a–Child Orphan’s program, are encouraged to visit

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