ANC-RI Chapter Hosts Flag Sponsors Event

March 24, 2008

Providence, RI- On Sunday, March 16th, the Armenian National Committee Rhode Island (ANC of RI) Chapter held its second annual “Flags over Rhode Island” recognition event at a packed house in Aramian Hall following Palm Sunday services at Sts. Vartanantz Church. The event was hosted by ANC-RI co-chairmen Stephen Elmasian and Stephen Mesrobian, along with the help of the Armenain Youth Federation (AYF) Providence “Varantian” Junior Executive.

“It is such an honor that in the State of Rhode Island the Armenian flag flies proudly over our cities on April 24th,” commented Elmasian. “The flags symbolize our strength of survival in remembrance of the victims of the Armenian Genocide that took place from 1915-1923.”

Forty-four individuals, organizations and businesses sponsored flags that flew over 37 city and town halls and the RI State House on April 24th last year. This marked an increase of 15 sponsors from the previous year. The flags served as a memorial in honor of those people selected by the sponsors.

The program will continue this year with special events scheduled for April 23rd at 6 pm at the Cranston City Hall and April 24th at 10 am at the North Providence Town Hall.

Each flag sponsor received a 3 by 5 foot Armenian flag in a glass-enclosed box along with a citation from the ANC noting the location that they chose to remember a loved one.


Haig & Shooshig Aghjayan; Ara, Pauline & Dalita Getzoyan
In Memory of Giragos & Margaret DerManuelian – Lincoln
American Foam Corporation
In Memory of Aram DerManouelian – Jamestown
ARS “ANI” Chapter
In Memory of Deceased Chapter Members – Providence
AYF – In Memory of John Jay Varadian – Providence
U. Levon Attarian
In Memory of Fedayee Khajag Sheetelian – Pawtucket
Mr. & Mrs. Peter “Doc” Bedrosian
In Memory of Yeghishe & Persape Bedrosian – Warwick
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bogosian
In Memory of Mr. Zakar Bogosian – North Kingstown
U. Paula Burke, Catherine Markarian & Margaret Danielian
In Memory of Yeranoohe Haytaian – Cranston
Mary DerManouelian
In Memory of DerManouelian & Donabedian Families – Warwick
Dr. Fotini Dionisopoulos – In Memory of Genocide Survivor
Aroussiag Garabedian, mother of City Council President
Aram Garabedian – Cranston
The Donoyan Grandchildren
(Natalie, Stephanie, George, Taleen, Anahid, Nerses & Arpi)
In Memory of Their Grandparents Der yev Deegeen Yerchaneeg
Bekarian, George Donoyan, Nishan Elmasian and
Sarkis “Garo” Tarpinian – Cranston
U. Steve Elmasian
In Memory of Elmasian & Kefeyan Grandparents – Providence
Attorney Christine Engustian
In Memory of Manoog & Tamar Engustian – East Providence
Council President Aram Garabedian – In Memory of the
1.5 Million Armenian Martyrs who Perished in the 1915 Genocide – State House
Col. Jacob Hagopian
In Memory of Varvar Leylegian Hagopian – Narragansett
Paulie & Greg Haroian
In Memory of Charles “Chucky” Haroian – Providence
Stephan & Chris Kanarian
In Memory of Paul Kanarian – Smithfield
Kaprielian Family
In Loving Memory of
Vartkes & Elizabeth Dolbashian Kaprielian – Providence
Mrs. Hazel Kizirian
In Memory of Harry Kizirian – North Providence
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leylegian
In Memory of Unger Mateos Leylegian – North Providence
Hagop & Gohar Manjelikian
In Memory of Yegia Mangelikian – Cranston
Mr. & Mrs. Everett A. Marabian, Sr.
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Babig Marabian – Warwick
U. Steve Markarian
In Memory of Mary Markarian and Mariam Markarian – North Providence
U. Anto, U. Melkon & Ani Megerdichian
In Memory of John and Steve Varadian – Cranston
Mark Mesrobian
In Memory of Stephen & Mariam Mesrobian – Narragansett
Stephanie Mesrobian
In Memory of Mesrobian & Bedrosian Families – Central Falls
U. Steve Mesrobian
In Memory of Simon & Verkin Bedrosian – New Shoreham
Mr. & Mrs. John Mkrtschjan
In Memory of Antranig Megerdichian – Cranston
Misak Nadjarian – In Memory of Sarkis Nadjarian – Warwick
National Velour Corporation
In Memory of Aram DerManouelian – Warwick
Mark Norigian, Mariam Norigian & Roxanne Phillips
In Memory of Mal Norigian – Scituate
Rose, Betty & Bob Ouloosian
In Memory of Jay and Steve Varadian – Cranston
Ms. Julie K. Postoian
In Memory of
Fedayee Manoog & Vartanoosh Kaprielian – North Providence
Providence Homenetmen Chapter
On Behalf of Deceased Homenetmen Members – Providence
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rafaelian
In Memory of Melkon & Mariam Rafaelian – Cranston
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Raffi Rafaelian
To All the Patriots who put the Armenian Nation Above Themselves
at the Cost of Unimaginable Sacrifices – Cranston
U. Lisa Sarkisian
In Memory of All the Deceased Members of the Khatcherian Family – Smithfield
Simon Sarkisian
In Memory of All the Deceased Members
of the Sarkisian Family – Providence
Mr. David Surabian
In Memory of Linda Surabian Collins – Cranston
U. Sarkis Tarpinian – sponsored by Hagop Garabedian
In Memory of Unger Sarkis “Garo” Tarpinian – Woonsocket
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Topalian
In Memory of Their Grandparents
Hovnan & Akabi Mooradian, Partog & Mariam Karoghlanian,
Armen & Marie Sarafian, Krikor & Sultan Topalian
George Topalian
In Memory of Topalian, Elbegian & Karakanyan Families – Warwick
U. Sarkis Varadian
In Memory of My Three Grandmothers
Bessie Kooligian, Bayzar Varadian & Ramella Varadian – Newport


Photo Caption #1: ANC of RI Co-Chair Steve Mesrobian (R) shaking hands with flag sponsor Mr. Paul Attarian. Also pictured left to right, AYF Junior Executive Members Talene Taraksian, Narine Hagopian, and Adam Aktchian

Photo Caption #2: AYF Junior Executive Member Alex Topalian giving Mr. George Topalian ANC of RI citation for flag donation

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