72-Hour Drive to Elect Friends, Defeat Enemies on November 2nd Builds on Months of Campaign and Community Outreach

November 1, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC – In the final 72 hours before Tuesday’s potentially game-changing mid-term Congressional elections, Armenian National Committee of America offices, chapters, and activists have launched tens of thousands of phone calls and targeted emails informing Armenian American voters about the records of the Congressional candidates seeking their votes, and encouraging them to turn out in record numbers on Election Day to help elect the community’s friends and defeat its enemies.

In dozens of states and hundreds of Congressional Districts across the United States in which ANCA endorsed candidates are running for the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives, the ANCA is sending tens of thousands of customized email messages to Armenian American voters. These messages feature the ANCA grade for each candidate, news about whether the ANCA has endorsed their campaign, and a listing of ANCA records and ratings for their state’s full Congressional delegation. A link is provided to the ANCA website for complete information about the ANCA’s extensive electoral activity and Hye Voter Turnout get-out-the-vote drive.

The ANCA’s email campaign is being complemented by tens of thousands of phone calls by both volunteers and automated phone systems to Armenian American voters, each with individualized messages about the importance of voting for ANCA-endorsed candidates.

The ANCA’s final push builds upon months of voter registration campaigns and community education and empowerment programs. ANCA regional and local activists have volunteered on campaigns and encouraged candidates to fill out the ANCA Candidate questionnaire, which includes questions on a broad range of issues from Armenian Genocide affirmation efforts to self-determination for Nagorno Karabakh and an expanded U.S.-Armenia economic and diplomatic relationship.

A key element of this effort, as in years past, has been ANCA Congressional Report Cards, a detailed review and rating of the records of each Congressional incumbent on more than a dozen individual legislative initiatives of special concern to Armenian American voters.

To learn more about the ANCA Congressional Report Cards, visit .


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